New Qualcomm S7 Pro audio chips will use Wi-Fi to extend the range of wireless headphones and audio systems

When it comes to working in large rooms, the signal of Bluetooth transmitters may not always be sufficient when, say, the headphones are far from a smartphone or computer. Together with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Snapdragon X Elite, Qualcomm also announced new S7 and S7 Pro audio ... Read more

Spotify gives premium subscribers free hours of listening to audiobooks

Spotify gives Premium subscribers 15 hours of free audiobooks per month. This is reported by Engadget with reference to the company. Starting October 4, premium subscribers will have access to more than 150 thousand audiobooks at no extra charge. At the moment, it’s about Spotify users in the UK and ... Read more

Sennheiser introduces Ambeo Soundbar Mini with a focus on affordability and compact design

Sennheiser has unveiled its third soundbar at IFA 2023, the Ambeo Soundbar Mini, priced at $799, making it the most affordable offering in the company’s soundbar lineup. Despite its lower price, the Mini retains many of the core features of its predecessors, including support for 3D surround sound formats such ... Read more

JBL presents Soundgear Sense, Live 770NC and 670NC headphones and PartyBox Ultimate speaker at IFA 2023

At IFA 2023 in Berlin, JBL announced a number of new audio products, including Soundgear Sense wireless headphones, Live 770NC and 670NC headphones, and PartyBox Ultimate speaker. JBL Soundgear Sense The headphones have an open design that allows users to hear ambient sounds while listening to music. They are equipped ... Read more

Hator Aria portable speaker review

Summer is the time to relax in the fresh air, and if you want to spend this time listening to your favorite playlist, you need portable speakers. It is good that the market is very saturated with such devices, there is plenty to choose from. An inexpensive speaker called Aria ... Read more

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system

If you dream of becoming a real party king, you need to be Ryan Reynolds, or you can buy the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B with a recommended price of UAH 15,999, which can make any a party amazing. This is the portable speaker that we have for review, so let’s ... Read more

Fairbuds XL – modular over-ear headphones that are fairly easy to repair

Fairphone introduced its first over-ear headphones. The feature of Fairbuds XL are that they are made of recycled materials, as well as their high repairability, thanks to their modular design. Headphones consist of 11 parts. The device is quite easy to disassemble and replace any module in case of failure. ... Read more

Sony introduced the new speakers XV800 and XB100

Sony presented two new speakers that are at different poles of its model range. If the SRS-XB100 model is a compact device costing $59, the SRS-XV800 is a massive sound system capable of lighting up your party, which costs $649. However, they have common features, in particular, both are portable ... Read more

Shanling Myryad Music 1 Hi-Fi earphones review. Clear sound.

Today I am testing wired in-ear earphones with the telling name Music 1, which was the result of cooperation between the Chinese Hi-Fi brand Shanling Audio and the British manufacturer of stationary sound equipment Myryad Audio. It was the Myryad engineers who were responsible for setting up the music performance ... Read more

HomePod can now warn of a smoke alarm

The promised Sound Recognition feature that Apple announced back in January is finally available for the HomePod and HomePod mini smart speakers. Devices will now notify you if they hear a smoke or CO2 alarm. The innovation is useful for users who have conventional sensors installed without an Internet connection. ... Read more

Xiaomi introduced Mijia Smart Audio Glasses

Xiaomi announced the release of a new gadget called Mijia Smart Audio Glasses. These are glasses designed for listening to audio. The device is equipped with open speakers, which are located in such a way that the sound is heard only by their owner. There are also microphones and noise ... Read more

IKEA released a Bluetooth speaker with moisture protection for $15

If you like to shower to your favorite hits, the new VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker from IKEA will be a great addition to your bathroom. It is protected against moisture according to the IP67 class and is designed for use in a variety of conditions. The speaker has compact dimensions, its ... Read more

The new Apple HomePod with a 7-inch display can be presented in early 2024

At the beginning of this year, Apple without much fanfare presented an updated version smart speaker HomePod, which disappeared from sale in 2021. It is quite possible that we will get another HomePod model as early as next year. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects that the new generation of HomePod ... Read more

Sonos introduced Era 300 and Era 100 premium speakers

Sonos has officially presented its new flagship speakers. The Era 300 and Era 100 models are supposed to provide “sound of a new level” and also offer good technical specifications. The top speaker Era 300 was equipped with six class D amplifiers and six drivers (four tweeters and two woofers), ... Read more

Sony introduced Walkman music players with Android 12

Do you still remember the Walkman? Popular music players from Sony have survived more than one change of generations of music carriers, but with the development of smartphones they have moved into the category of niche devices mostly for fans. But that doesn’t stop Sony from continuing to release them. ... Read more

Enjoy the high-quality sound of your favorite music with the Canyon BSP-4 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Canyon, a fast-growing brand of quality and stylish yet affordable mobile accessories, computing and gaming gadgets, introduces the BSP-4 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The modern device optimally combines compact size, light weight and high-quality sound so that you can always take your favorite music with you! The original feature of ... Read more

MQair: a new Hi-Res audio codec for wireless communication

The company MQA Ltd (developer of the eponymous compression format MQA – Master Quality Authenticated) announced the creation of the new Hi-Res audio codec MQair, designed for transmitting high-quality audio files wirelessly. The developer notes that it has already been approved by the Japan Audio Society association, which certifies high-quality ... Read more

Future Bluetooth headphones will have better sound

Wireless Bluetooth headphones will soon become more energy-efficient, sound better, and support new features such as the ability to connect an “unlimited” number of devices to a single source. This will become a reality thanks to the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which was officially approved by the Bluetooth SIG ... Read more