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Apple to remove blood oxygen monitoring in Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 for new US buyers

Apple is going to remove the blood oxygen monitoring feature in the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 for new customers in the United States, reports The Verge. The decision follows a patent dispute with medical device manufacturer Masimo, which led to a ban on the sale of ... Read more

Apple has a lot of challenges for 2024, and iPhone sales are not the biggest of them – Gurman

Previously, it was common to hear opinions that Apple should focus on the iPhone, the product that brings the company the most profit and can “pull” many other initiatives of the manufacturer. However, according to analyst and well-known Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, it is not the sales of ... Read more

The situation with the ban on Apple Watch sales is related to the Masimo engineer who joined Apple

The end of the year was difficult for Apple. Due to a patent dispute with Masimo, the manufacturer has suspended sales of the Apple Watch in the United States. However, the decision was temporarily relaxed, and smartwatches remained in stores until January 12. However, further developments have options. Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s ... Read more

The ban on the sale of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the United States has been temporarily suspended

Earlier, Apple announced that the court banned the sale of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the US due to a patent dispute, but now the ban has been temporarily suspended and the smartwatches are available again in the Apple Store and on the company’s official website. According ... Read more

Apple Watch 2024 models will have an updated design and advanced health monitoring

Apple intends to introduce a major update to the Apple Watch line in 2024. As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports in his Power On newsletter, future models will include a new set of features aimed at increasing their appeal to consumers. Apple Watch design update Apple Watch 2024 models are expected ... Read more

The next Apple Watch model will learn to measure blood pressure and monitor sleep apnea

The season of Apple Watch Series 10 insights can be considered open, even though the current model went on sale a few weeks ago. Over time, the company has focused the gadget on the user’s health and continues to develop this direction. Thus, within a year, Apple’s smartwatch should receive ... Read more

Apple Watch could have worked with Android, but the iPhone got in the way

Since its introduction in 2016, the Apple Watch has remained exclusive to the iPhone, while some competing smartwatches, even with Android Wear, still receive support for Apple smartphones. That is, the iPhone is still a monopolist when it comes to Apple Watch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that this situation could ... Read more

After updating to watchOS 10.1, Apple Watch smartwatches may overheat and lose battery power quickly

Following the recent problems with overheating of new iPhones, the latest release of the operating system for Apple Watch seems to have a similar flaw. Some users complained about excessive heating of the gadgets and rapid loss of battery power. The problem was brought to the attention by 9to5Mac. The ... Read more

iPhone named the most popular smartphone among American teens (again)

Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular smartphone among American teenagers. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the investment bank Piper Sandler, writes AppleInsider. The study involved 9,193 teenagers aged 15.7 across the United States. It turned out that 87% of the respondents have an iPhone, ... Read more

Will no longer be repaired: The original Apple Watch, including the gold version for $17 thousand, has been declared obsolete

Apple has moved the Apple Watch Series 0, the original smartwatch released in 2015, to the list of obsolete products, reports MacRumors. The gold version of the Apple Watch, which cost $17,000, and the ceramic version, which cost $1,299, were also recognized as obsolete. The last software update for Series ... Read more

What watchOS 10 offers – the biggest operating system update for Apple Watch

Apple has released watchOS 10, an operating system update for its smartwatches that offers a new visual design for various apps, a Smart Stack feature for displaying widgets, and a number of new watch faces. It also adds advanced features for cycling and hiking, mental health tools, and even the ... Read more

Apple is planning a major update to the Watch X for the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch

Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple’s next line of watches will receive a minor update. However, the company is already working on the Watch X version for the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. According to Gourmet, the manufacturer is planning a major update for its smartwatches, ... Read more

A report from TrendForce says that the release of the micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra has been delayed again

Apple still mixes different display options in its devices. Computers and monitors support IPS screens, some of which have Mini-LED backlighting, current smartphones mostly have OLED panels installed (the iPhone SE is still there when connected), the iPad is about to try OLED too… The same goes for the “smart” ... Read more

iPhone 14’s Crash Detection сaused 5x increase in false 911 calls at Bonnaroo Music Festival

One of the key features of the iPhone 14 and last year’s Apple Watch models was the Crash Detection function. It should detect when the owner of the device gets into a traffic accident and automatically notify emergency services about the event if the person cannot do it on their ... Read more

watchOS 10: widgets return, new features for cycling and hiking

watchOS 10 promises to be a pretty significant update for Apple Watch owners. The system has received a number of improvements and new features. WatchOS 10 uses a new design approach aimed at providing the user with more useful information. Dynamic stack widgets are back on smartwatches. This is a ... Read more

The new Apple Watch interface will be built around widgets

Apple is preparing a major software update for its Watch line that will focus on widgets and fundamental changes in functionality, writes Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. When Apple Watch first hit the market in 2015, their watchOS operating system had 4 main interfaces: watch faces, Glances widgets, a home screen with ... Read more

In the future, Apple Watch will be able to synchronize not only with iPhone, but also with iPad and Mac

Since its inception, the Apple Watch hasn’t offered the user a huge variety of devices that the watch can communicate with — just one iPhone and that’s it. According to an analyst with the appropriate Twitter nickname — analyst941 — who has previously shared accurate product insights Apple, the company ... Read more

Gurman: Apple Watch will receive a noticeable update of the interface

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, famous Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that users are in for a major update to the operating system for the Apple Watch. According to preliminary information, watchOS 10 will receive a noticeable update of the interface. watchOS 10 will ... Read more

The Crash Detection system in the Apple Watch helped rescuers find a car 20 meters from the road

Although the Crash Detection system in the Apple Watch smartwatch sometimes misfires, there are examples where this feature really saves lives. One of these happened the other day in Germany. On February 13, at 02:13 local time, rescue services recorded a signal from an Apple Watch that reported a traffic ... Read more

How many devices from the manufacturer are there per user of Apple gadgets

One of Apple’s outstanding achievements that the company can boast of is 2 billion active devices with users. And their number continues to increase. But behind this number you can find no less interesting statistics – exactly how many devices of this manufacturer are owned by one user. Researchers from ... Read more

Apple Watch can tell something about the titanium iPhone 15 Pro

One of the rumors about the next iPhone 15 Pro model is the use of titanium instead of steel. Starting with the iPhone X 6 years ago, Apple has been using steel frames for its flagship smartphones. This year, this concept may change, becoming, perhaps not the most visible, but ... Read more

Siri accidentally called a police squad for Muay Thai training

Voice assistants are already smart enough to carry out a certain amount of user commands, including calling the police. Though in some cases it happens by accident, and sometimes it also leads to curious situations. One such thing happened in Australia this week. Muay Thai trainer Jamie Alleyne accidentally called ... Read more

Apple plans to switch to displays of its own production, abandoning Samsung and LG

As soon as it became known that Apple has plans to switch to its own chips for cellular and wireless communication, other spare parts for its gadgets – displays were also added. Again, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has sources of information, says the company plans to start making its own ... Read more

GPS in the Apple Watch still began to work independently of the iPhone

The first Apple Watch of 2015 relied entirely on iPhone navigation. A year later, the second generation still got a built-in GPS, but the watch still used data from the iPhone whenever possible. The company explained this by optimizing the energy saving of the Apple Watch. But with newer models ... Read more

Apple Watch Ultra – impressions and thoughts about Apple’s most expensive watch

Apple Watch Ultra is the most expensive sports watch that can work only with iPhone, and this characteristic would be enough for the review results. However, I decided not to do it, simply because I do not fall into the category of users for whom this model was developed and ... Read more