Apple Pay

Apple proposes to the European Commission to open NFC on iPhone for third-party wallets and payment services

The European Commission has received a proposal from Apple to open up NFC on the iPhone and is now collecting public feedback on these commitments. This proposal comes amid an investigation that has focused on Apple’s restrictive practices related to Apple Pay, in particular, the company’s control over access to ... Read more

Apple, Visa, and Mastercard sued over Apple Pay

Apple, Visa, and Mastercard have been sued by a class action lawsuit over Apple Pay. Companies are accused of illegal agreements that restrict competition. This was reported by Reuters. Beverage retailer Mirage Wine & Spirits accuses Visa and Mastercard of making Apple Pay transactions result in companies paying higher fees. ... Read more

Apple may open access to NFC in the EU to avoid fines – Reuters

Since the introduction of Apple Pay and NFC in the iPhone, the sensor has been used primarily for payment for purchases and exclusively by the proprietary application. And third-party services and payment systems have always had complaints about this, and some banks have even tried to boycott Apple because of ... Read more

iPhone named the most popular smartphone among American teens (again)

Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular smartphone among American teenagers. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the investment bank Piper Sandler, writes AppleInsider. The study involved 9,193 teenagers aged 15.7 across the United States. It turned out that 87% of the respondents have an iPhone, ... Read more

Apple does not allow third-party developers to access NFC on their smartphones. Now Apple Pay has been criticized by the EU regulator

The European Commission has notified Apple of a preliminary allegation that the company was abusing its position in the mobile payment markets on iOS devices. By restricting access to standard technology used for contactless payments via mobile devices in stores (Near-Field Communication, NFC), Apple is restricting competition in the mobile ... Read more