Alphabet received $20.7 billion in net profit in the fourth quarter of 2023

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported better-than-expected revenues and profits for the fourth quarter of 2023. However, advertising revenues were below analysts’ forecasts, so the company’s shares fell by more than 6% on Tuesday, writes CNBC. Alphabet’s net profit increased by 52% over the year to $20.7 billion or ... Read more

10 largest companies in the world [by capitalization]

A few days ago, Apple became the first company in the world whose market capitalization exceeded $3 trillion. Is it a lot? A lot! There are only 6 countries in the world whose GDP exceeds 3 trillion – these are the USA, China, Japan, Germany, India and Great Britain. For ... Read more

Alphabet warns its employees against using chatbots, including Bard

Alphabet Inc is warning its employees about the use of chatbots, including Bard, while promoting it globally, writes Reuters citing people familiar with the situation. According to them, Google’s parent company advised employees not to enter their confidential materials into chatbots with artificial intelligence. The company confirmed this, citing its ... Read more

Google’s ad revenue continues to fall, but parent company Alphabet grew revenue by 2.6% in the first quarter

Google’s ad revenue fell for the second consecutive year as the company struggles to navigate economic uncertainty and capitalize on recent advances in artificial intelligence, reports The Wall Street Journal. Alphabet’s ad revenue was $54.5 billion in the first quarter of 2023, down less than 1% from the same period ... Read more

TikTok has a serious competitor: YouTube Shorts have exceeded 50 billion daily views

Daily views of YouTube shorts have surpassed 50 billion, up from 30 billion a year ago, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said in a fourth-quarter earnings call. Shorts’ growth was a rare bright spot for a quarter in which Alphabet saw revenue decline in segments such as search, YouTube and advertising. ... Read more

The US sued Google for monopolizing the digital advertising market

The U.S. Department of Justice and eight states have sued Google to split the search giant’s ad technology business over alleged illegal monopolization of the digital advertising market. “The lawsuit we have filed today seeks to hold Google to account for what we allege are its longstanding monopolies in digital ... Read more

AI from DeepMind will help generate scripts for film and theater

Alphabet’s DeepMind has created an artificial intelligence tool that can help start work on a script for a play or a movie. Dramatron is a so-called “collaborative authoring tool” that can generate character descriptions, plot points, descriptions of locations and dialogues. The idea is that human scriptwriters will be able ... Read more

Wing develops drones of various sizes that can carry light and heavy loads

Wing, the drone delivery subsidiary of Alphabet, has unveiled a series of new drone prototypes designed for different workloads, reports The Verge. The new drones will have the same basic elements as the devices the company currently uses to deliver medicine and other small cargo. According to the CEO of ... Read more