Apple is preparing to update its AirPods headphones line

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is preparing a significant update to its headphone lineup, with new entry-level AirPods coming in 2024 and AirPods Pro in 2025. In addition, an updated version of the AirPods Max headphones is also planned for release in 2024. The new models will feature ... Read more

Apple considered releasing AirPods in different colors to match the iPhone 7

A collector of various rare devices with the nickname Kosutami posted on Twitter an image of the AirPods prototype, the case of which is made in pink color. This type of earphones was supposed to match iPhone 7 in Rose Gold color. Apple used to release color version of 1st ... Read more

A new Apple patent showed a way to return iPod — AirPods with a display on the case

One way to learn some details about Apple’s (or any other company’s) future products is to look at the patents it has received. Some of them, however, are not implemented in new gadgets. But sometimes it works. Last September the company filed patent application for a new case for wireless ... Read more

The engineer who equipped the iPhone with a USB-C port presented the world’s first wired AirPods

Engineer Ken Pillonel is known for his experiments with Apple gadgets. For example, he replaced the Lightning connector with USB-C in the iPhone. And later did a similar procedure with a case for AirPods. Now, Ken presented his “most innovative project so far” – wired AirPods that connect to a ... Read more

AirPods are basically AirTags: a passenger found her earbuds at the home of an airport employee

Two years ago, Apple released AirTag – a small device that can help find lost things using the Find My network. AirPods have a similar functionality, thanks to which one of the passengers of the plane was able to track and return the stolen accessory. Alisabeth Hayden lost her AirPods ... Read more

Mark Gurman believes that AirPods will soon receive more health-oriented features

Health tracking and user assistance features are not new to many gadgets. And the technology of the Apple company is among the leaders in this direction. According to Mark Gurman, quite soon AirPods will receive new functions related to the health of the owner.  Mr. Gurman says that Apple “intends ... Read more

Mass production of the new AirPods Max, HomePod mini and budget AirPods will begin in the second half of 2024

A new batch of insiders from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This time the information concerns Apple’s audio gadgets. He says that in the second half of 2024, mass production of the new AirPods Max model, the second generation HomePod mini and the new budget AirPods will begin. The delivery of the ... Read more

Belkin has released a headset cleaning kit from Apple — AirPods Cleaning Kit

Any device gets dirty during use, and headphones are no exception to the rule. Moreover, it is better to keep such devices in a clean state, because it is about personal hygiene. And Belkin offers its own AirPods care kit. The AirPods Cleaning Kit consists of a small brush, sulfur ... Read more

Next year, Apple will almost completely get rid of Lightning ports in favor of USB-C in iPhones, iPads, AirPods and accessories, but this will be a temporary solution

By the end of 2024, European legislation obliges all gadget manufacturers to switch to a single charging standard — USB-C. Currently, the loudest case for this law is the iPhone itself, which still uses its own Lightning format. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman talked about the company’s plans and his own ... Read more

The engineer who built USB-C into the iPhone repeated it with the AirPods case

Last fall, engineer Ken Pillonel released a video showing how he replaced the Lightning connector with USB-C in the iPhone. This video quickly spread on the Internet. This time, Ken’s target was an AirPods case. The primary problem was the device’s battery, which failed. Here, Ken encountered the fact that ... Read more

Four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel chased bag snatchers with Find My

Usually, when someone’s personal belongings are stolen, people go to the police. But in some cases, the victims are braver than others and chase the bag snatchers. As it turned out, some of the Formula 1 drivers are among them. Moreover, they are obsessed with technology. The previous Grand Prix ... Read more