Aerorozvidka: yes, we are preparing surprises for the enemy. When the time comes, you will see a “striking movie”!

Back in April 2022, we wrote about R18 octocopters from Aerorozvidka. At the initial stage of the Great War, these small bombers were among the first to drop minibombs made of RKG-3 cumulative anti-tank grenades on the heads of the Russian occupiers, providing an interesting and reassuring video to the ... Read more

R18 octocopter from Aerorozvidka – Ukrainian drone destroying the enemy

Meanwhile the attention of the public and the media is focused on the powerful Bayraktar TB2 and glamorous AeroVironment Switchblades (we haven’t seen the examples of the use of the latter ones, by the way), there are less famous drones, which destroy the enemy on the fronts. They are Ukrainian ... Read more