Lamborghini licenses new high-capacity organic battery technology developed at MIT

Lamborghini has acquired a license for a new organic battery technology developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that offers a potential breakthrough in high-capacity, fast-charging batteries, reports TechCrunch. Traditional lithium-ion batteries, even advanced ones, still have limitations, particularly in terms of charging speed and the use ... Read more

Overview of the autonomous power supply system at home KSTAR BluE H5-10

“There is no magic in energy”… That’s how an article on The Frontier that described methods of achieving energy independence began exactly one year ago. However, it is precisely magic that when the power goes out, the entire house or apartment continues to operate as if nothing had happened. Last ... Read more

Apple wants to install Indian-made batteries in future iPhones

Apple prefers to buy batteries for the upcoming iPhone 16 from Indian factories. This was reported by Business Today with reference to The Financial Times. The company has informed its component suppliers of its intentions. They are in line with the tech giant’s strategy to diversify its supply chain and ... Read more

In the EU, Apple is being forced to allow users to replace iPhone batteries themselves

Rules approved by the European Council oblige companies, in particular Apple, to provide users with the ability to independently replace batteries in iPhones and other products, writes AppleInsider. The European Council announced the adoption of a new regulation on batteries and spent batteries. It sets strict rules for verifying the ... Read more

Apple has a top-secret Exploratory Design Group that develops needle-free glucose monitoring and other projects

Apple almost never talks about its future projects, which are still being developed. There are exceptions, such as the AirPower charging station, which was prematurely presented but never released. Even without this, the level of secrecy within the company is a separate topic for conversation. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg spoke ... Read more

The University of Oregon plans to develop a new rechargeable battery

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Oregon State University $3 million in research to develop a new battery technology that would accelerate the transition to clean energy without relying on rare, depleting minerals such as lithium, cobalt and nickel. University of Oregon chemistry professor Xiulei “David” Ji, who will ... Read more

The world’s largest single-phase battery has been put into operation

Crimson Storage is the world’s largest single-phase storage battery that is currently operating in the California desert and is the second-largest energy storage project of any configuration currently in operation. Construction of the 350 megawatts (MW)/1,400 megawatt-hour (MWh) storage facility began in 2021. Canadian Solar oversaw the construction and provided ... Read more

Scientists from MIT have developed a cheap battery based on aluminum and sulfur

The need for efficient energy storage is growing with the proliferation of solar and wind power plants. Energy needs to be accumulated and stored when there is no wind or sun – and today’s lithium-ion batteries are too expensive for this purpose. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ... Read more

Anker introduces its biggest Anker 757 PowerHouse battery

The new $1,400 Anker 757 PowerHouse offers 1,500 watts of power and 1,229 watts of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which the manufacturer promises is faster to charge, more durable and even safer than lithium-ion batteries. LiFePO4 is nothing new in battery technology. These can be found in some electric cars, they ... Read more