4A Games

4A Games is probably developing a new game. And it doesn’t seem to be another Metro

The Ukrainian-Maltese 4A Games is hiring specialists and it seems to be a new project, not related [but not certain] to the Metro franchise. Journalists of AIN.UA drew attention to this. The company is hiring specialists to “develop the next big AAA game,” according to a tweet. Join the development ... Read more

Metro: Last Light will be free on Steam from May 18th to May 25th

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Metro: Last Light, which was released on May 14-17, 2013, 4A Games is offering the game for free on Steam. This is announced by the official account of Metro Exodus. From May 18 to May 25, 2023, Metro: Last Light’s Complete Edition can be ... Read more

4A Games launches the Metro Exodus SDK

Ukrainian-Maltese studio 4A Games spoke about game development during the war, new projects, and announced the launch of the Metro Exodus SDK, which will allow enthusiasts to modify the game, create their own levels and mods. “Everyone has been affected. Some of us have lost homes to bombings. Some have ... Read more