Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro – Hator wireless mechanical keyboard review

This Hator keyboard is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The compact design hides a lot of interesting features that are not found in every keyboard. The Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro can connect and work with Windows computers, Macs, and smartphones, can quickly switch between three Bluetooth devices, works wired or with one of two wireless connection options, and allows its user to change switches as needed. A good set of features for one product, and that’s what makes this model interesting.

Complete set

For connecting and charging the keyboard, the box contains a USB Type-C cable and a compact receiver for radio channel operation. Cable in a soft fabric braid.

There is also a set of replacement keycaps and a tool to remove them and the switches. And, of course, the manual. You will need it, don’t throw it away.

Design and construction

I could say that the design of the keyboard is simple and in some ways it is, but the bright yellow keyboard can hardly be called ordinary. The Hator company tried to diversify its look and succeeded. Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro is sold in 5 different interesting color solutions.

From the outside, the keyboard is completely plastic, but the plastic is strong and thick. Inside there is a metal plate for rigidity. The keyboard is heavy and rests securely on the surface.

Hator points to some noise cancellation inside, which is indeed there – even when typing very quickly the keyboard does not hear the typical rattling. In my test instance, the switches have no sound response when pressed, and the only sound you will hear is the impact of the cap on the surface of the keyboard.

Another design detail is the backlight. There is a lot of it here, it is RGB and you can switch color schemes directly from the keyboard. There is also a stylish backlight on both sides of the case. It is not very bright, but it is an interesting element.

Connection options

There are three of them: wired, Bluetooth, and radio channel. The first and last require a USB Type-A port on your computer. Both wireless options work without any problems.

The only thing to remember is that using the backlight will significantly reduce the battery life – up to 16 hours. With the backlight off, the keyboard will work for up to 60 hours. The keyboard charges quite quickly – in a little more than an hour.


The test keyboard is equipped with Kailh Box Red mechanical switches. These are linear switches with a pressing force of 45 grams. They are well suited for both games and typing, so it’s a universal option.

And if you plan to replace the entire set of keys or part of them, then you can easily replace the switch by simply pulling it out of the slot with the supplied tool and inserting another one.

How to configure the keyboard?

Everything is quite simple here, the Hator Company is not the first to experiment with key combinations for switching the backlight and certain keyboard modes. I will not include them in the article, because there are a lot of them. This is both an advantage and a drawback of the keyboard. On the one hand, everything works “out of the box” and no additional software is needed. On the other hand, you will have to keep the manual with you for some time to remember certain actions. This is critical only if you plan to constantly switch the keyboard between different devices.

For the keyboard, you can download a driver from the official website, where apparently you can configure macros, but for some reason, it did not work on my Windows 11 computer with any type of connection.

The keyboard supports both Windows and MacOS, for which there is a switch on the bottom. But, unfortunately, the keys are not engraved with system marks for MacOS, so it will take some getting used to. But everything works as it should on both systems.

functionality; assembly quality; the possibility of replacing switches
it takes a certain amount of time to remember all the key combinations; no engraving for MacOS; driver operation on Windows 11
The Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro is an interesting mechanical keyboard from Hator. None of its features are unique, but it's sure to draw attention, as is its design. If you need a compact TKL-keyboard without a numeric block with the possibility of changing keys, and a wireless connection option, then pay attention to this model. The keyboard is not perfect, it is not without flaws, but they are small and do not spoil the overall impression of use.
The editorial staff are grateful to Hator for providing the Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro keyboard for review
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