MSI Clutch GM31 Lightweight and Clutch GM31 Lightweight Wireless gaming mice review

In my opinion, MSI peripherals don’t get the attention they deserve. And it’s a shame because this pair of mice definitely deserves attention and even recommendations for purchase. The most interesting thing about the Clutch GM31 models is their weight, which is why they got the Lightweight prefix in the name for a reason and the reasonable price in Ukraine.

MSI Clutch GM31 complete set and connection options 

Let’s start with the wire model. Its kit is spartan and apart from the mouse and manual, there is nothing else in the box.

The other thing is the wireless model MSI Clutch GM31 Lightweight Wireless. Inside the larger and slightly more expensive-looking package, you’ll find a small 2.4GHz receiver, a USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable, and a docking station that doubles as an extension cord for the receiver. That is, you can place the sensor closer to the mouse, and when you are not using it, you can simply put it on the dock for charging.

In fact, if we talk about the wireless version of the mouse, the manufacturer has thought out a certain flexibility in the process of use and charging. You can use the MSI Clutch GM31 Lightweight Wireless in wired mode by simply connecting the supplied cable to it. Thus, the mouse will always be charged. For transportation, the receiver can be hidden in the compartment next to the USB Type-C port in the mouse body. And the receiver itself can be connected both to the docking station and directly to the USB port of the computer.

Design and ergonomics

The look of Clutch GM31 Wireless mice can be described as simply nice. There is nothing extra here, everything is practical and high-quality. The cases are completely made of plastic. The surface in contact with the palm is made of non-slip matte plastic, and the sides are covered with rubber that sticks well to the fingers on each side.

In terms of design, the mice are completely identical until you flip them over. And from the outside, these are quite compact mice with an ergonomic, low-profile design, which is well suited for a small palm and any type of grip. The only element that somehow decorates the design is the MSI brand dragon with RGB lighting, which in the wireless version is also a battery charge status indicator.

I want to talk about the weight of mice separately. The wired GM31 weighs 58 grams, and the wireless weighs not much more – 73 grams. This difference is almost not felt in everyday life. When you pick up a wireless model, you notice that it has a battery, that is, some small weight, but you cannot feel a wired mouse in your hand at all. Sometimes it seems that it is completely empty.

The small weight that is in the mouse is distributed perfectly, there is no overload in any part of the body. The presence of the cable also does not interfere with use. It is very light, woven from fabric, and does not cling to the mat. In the wired model, its connection point with the body is slightly raised above the surface compared to the wireless model, and this additionally frees the cable from getting caught on the mat.

Functionally, both models are very simple, there are no additional keys here except the side navigation keys in the browser. The main keys are equipped with Omron switches with a declared range of 60 million clicks. The click is clear, not too short, and not too long. The scroll wheel is quiet with tangible tactile feedback.

The side keys also fit well under the thumb of the right hand. Each of the mice has a button on the bottom to change the resolution of the sensor within 5 presets. If you need to adjust the sensor more precisely, the MSI Center proprietary utility is at your service, where you can choose the resolution of the sensor and reconfigure the functionality of the keys. But everything works perfectly “out of the box”.

MSI Clutch GM31 hardware and sensors

Mice are equipped with different models of sensors. In wired it is PixArt PMW-3360 with a resolution of 12,000 dpi, and in wireless, it is PixArt PMW-3311 at 6400 dpi. Both sensors work perfectly, there are no complaints about them. But a good mat is a must-have for them. I would like to praise the very slippery legs of both mice.

I can only say good things about the battery life of the wireless version. The manufacturer claims approximately 110 hours of operation from one battery charge, which is a good indicator. And the mouse charges in about 1.5 hours.

weight; convenient body shape; good sensors; wireless version battery life; price.
there are no critical drawbacks
If you're looking for a very light wired mouse with one of the best sensors for fast shooters, then look no further than the Clutch GM31 Lightweight. The mouse fully justifies its name and is not felt in the hand. If you do not need a wire, or you use a mouse with a laptop, then the wireless version will be more convenient. Mice are very comfortable not only in games but also in everyday life due to their shape and weight. At the time of publication of the review, the price recommended by the manufacturer is UAH 1,599 for the wired version and UAH 2,599 for the wireless version. This, considering the equipment, convenience, and overall quality, is a good indicator. As you could already understand from the review, I really liked the mice and I can recommend them for purchase.
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