Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha – review of the mechanical TKL keyboard

Hator already has a fairly wide range of mechanical keyboards aimed at the gaming audience. One of the new models is the Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha, which has a number of interesting features, some of which are inherent in more expensive models. This is a keyboard with a recommended price of 1999 UAH in TKL format (without an additional number pad) with Hator Aurum branded greased switches, additional noise insulation, and built-in memory for settings.

Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha specifications

Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha comes in a yellow box with a picture of the keyboard of the corresponding color and basic specifications. In addition to the keyboard, the box contains a Type-C cable for connection, a tool for removing keycaps, additional noise insulation for the Space button, several additional keycaps with Russian characters (the keyboard has Ukrainian and Latin characters by default), a set of stickers, and a manual.

Design and construction

The Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha has a quite classic design and exterior construction. This is a typical topcase mechanic (not a skeleton). Almost the entire body of the keyboard is made of practical matte plastic, which hardly leaves any traces of use. There are minimal decorative elements: only the Hator logo above the arrow block and the familiar inscription …to the best haters on the right side of the front edge, which adorns all the company’s models. In addition to the white version, there are lilac, mint, and yellow versions with white cappings, as well as an all-black version for classic lovers.

The keyboard has typical dimensions for the TKL format and weighs almost 1 kg, which is absolutely normal for good mechanics. Interesting features are inside. Just like more expensive models, the keyboard has two layers of noise-absorbing EVA foam: one layer at the bottom and the other on the board.

Above it is an anodized aluminum plate that performs several functions at once: absorbing vibrations from keystrokes, reflecting light from the backlight LEDs, and providing structural strength. The keyboard really feels sturdy, almost not subject to twisting or bending.

The keycaps are made of durable and rather thick PBT plastic that does not fade or shine over time and has a very pleasant rough surface. To be more precise, the keycaps are made using double injection molding technology. The outer part is made of PBT, the inner part and symbols are made of transparent plastic, so all symbols are evenly illuminated.

For connection, a USB Type-C cable is used, which is connected in the middle of the back of the keyboard. The connector is recessed, and there are additional guides for the connector on the sides. So the cable can be replaced, but not any cable will do. The cable itself is quite thick and has a high-quality braid and a ferrite filter. Its length is 1.8 meters.

The entire bottom part of the keyboard has a textured pattern resembling a honeycomb. In addition to the sticker with the model name, there are rubber inserts around the perimeter for good fixation, as well as folding legs that allow you to position Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha at a greater angle.

Ergonomics and switches

Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha has a classic layout, except for the absence of an additional digital unit. So everything is in the usual places: F1 is located exactly above 2, the arrow block is separated, both Shift buttons are long, and Enter is single-level. The Fn button is next to the right Alt, and the Win button is between the left Ctrl and Alt. It can be disabled.

New branded Hator Aurum switches with extended springs are used. Hotspring is not supported. Hator indicates that the base of the switches is made of ROM and the stem is made of ROCK plastic. The top of the switch is transparent and has a lens for more even illumination.

The switches are available in two versions. Orange linear and Indigo clicker. The full stroke is 4 mm, and the stroke to actuation is 1.9 mm. The required pressing force for Indigo is 50 gs, and for Orange – only 38 gs. The declared service life is 70 million keystrokes. The switches and stabilizers under the long keys are lubricated from the factory. The Orange model was reviewed. The switches are pressed very easily, smoothly, and evenly. There is no “sand” when pressed, the stroke is very pleasant. Orange is great for gaming, but for typing, you’ll have to get used to the extremely light pressing.

We should also mention the double noise insulation and vibration absorption. It really works in Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha. The click and overall sound of the keyboard is very pleasant. Yes, it’s not yet at the level of flagship mechs from Varmilo or Keychron, or custom ones. But the price of Hator is much lower and it will be very difficult to find a keyboard with a nicer sound in this price segment.

Functionality of Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha

The keyboard supports N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting, so you won’t have any problems with handling simultaneous keystrokes or phantom triggers. The keyboard is fully functional without the need to use proprietary software. Using the appropriate combinations, you can customize macro commands, control the backlight and media player. And all settings are stored in the internal memory of Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha. So when you connect to a new or different PC, you won’t need to go through the settings.

Hator’s branded software allows you to customize everything more conveniently and not memorize combinations. It is possible to save different profiles of settings, reconfigure the actions of individual keys, record macros with delays more flexibly, and adjust the backlight individually for each key.

The backlight is RGB with a bunch of effects and a wide range of brightness settings. And, thanks to Double Shot keycaps, all characters are highlighted evenly.

Sturdy construction; design; lubricated switches; noise insulation; functionality; built-in memory;
This option is not for those who need a keyboard with a number pad;
Considering the price, we can confidently say that Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha is one of the most interesting mechanical keyboards in its format. It has a sturdy and reliable design, a detachable cable, excellent greased switches, and double noise isolation, which makes it sound very pleasant. There is built-in memory, functional software, and the ability to customize without it. Therefore, Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha is worth a closer look if the presence of a separate digital unit is not critical.
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