Hator Quasar Wireless gaming mouse review

Hator Quasar Wireless is a very interesting wireless gaming mouse. What’s special about it? First, it has a top sensor. Secondly, high-quality and reliable switches. Thirdly, the mouse can be connected to the computer in three different ways: Bluetooth, radio channel through the receiver and cable. At the same time, the recommended price of the mouse in Ukraine is UAH 2,499, while competitors with similar functionality are more expensive. But I will say right away, the mouse has a lot to praise, though there are also some issues.


As usual, let’s start with the configuration. Everything you need is here: a charging cable, replaceable Teflon feet and an instruction manual. The Hator Quasar Wireless is one of those rare occasions where I’ve had to carefully study the manual, so I don’t recommend putting it away.

Connection options

The thing is that the mouse can connect to three devices via Bluetooth and switch between them. But there is no separate button for this and it is implemented using keyboard shortcuts. Combinations are also used to switch between the radio channel and Bluetooth. To understand this, you will need an instruction. In simpler cases, connecting to one device will not cause any difficulties.

I have no complaints about the quality and stability of the wireless connection. The mouse switches between devices instantly, there were no lags or problems when connecting via the radio channel or via Bluetooth. Moreover, there are no problems with a wired connection.

The cable used for this purpose, as well as for charging, is very light, wrapped in fabric, almost unnoticeable and does not cling to the mat.

In this regard, the Quasar Wireless is the older sister of the cheaper Quasar Essential wired mouse. These mice are equipped with the same detachable cable. The mice are also the same in design, the only difference is the presence of wireless capabilities and a sensor.


I will talk about the sensor right away. It uses a Pixart 3370 with a resolution of 19000 dpi. But what is interesting is that the mouse has 4 presets with a maximum resolution of 2400 dpi.

I did not find how to set 19000 dpi in the manual, and there is no software for the mouse. Perhaps it will appear, but for now it is impossible to reveal all the capabilities of the sensor. At the same time, I have no complaints about the operation of the sensor.

It is also interesting that without additional software you can adjust the refresh rate, this is done with the same button that adjusts the resolution. It is worth noting that the functionality of the mouse is very good, but translating the settings to only a limited number of buttons is not the best solution.

Mouse shape

Everything is great here. The Hator Quasar Wireless is a symmetrical mouse with side buttons for the right thumb. The mouse is very light — only 88 grams, and that’s with a built-in battery. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. The best grip option for a small palm would be “palm”, and for a slightly larger hand – “claw”. Although it is very easy to control the mouse with just your fingers.

The mouse is completely plastic, the build quality is good. There is no gloss anywhere and the surface is quite practical.

There are not many buttons on the mouse, the set is almost minimally necessary: a pair of main keys, a scroll wheel, a pair of navigation keys, a button for switching sensor modes and a power switch. Kailh switches with a resource of 80 million clicks are installed under the main keys. The click is moderately loud and tactile.

Declared battery life of the mouse is 75 hours. During a week of use for 8-10 hours every day, I was never able to discharge the mouse. While charging, the mouse can be used without any discomfort or restrictions.

convenient shape; good level of equipment and functionality; price
unintuitive process of configuring additional functions
Hator Quasar Wireless is a good wireless mouse for gaming and just for everyday use. It is convenient, light, connects to three devices via Bluetooth, radio channel and wire. There are almost no issues with the quality of the case or the functionality, except for the non-intuitive process of switching operating modes, which requires you to carefully read the manual. I'm sure having additional software would solve this problem. In all other respects, it is a high-quality and convenient mouse, and with its functionality, it is not very expensive in modern realia
The editorial staff thank the online store 3ona51.com for providing the Hator Quasar Wireless mouse for review
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