Cougar Airblader Tournament ultralight mouse review

Lightweight mice are needed and in demand. Manufacturers understand this and there are more and more such models. Today we will talk about the new Cougar Airblader Tournament gaming mouse. It is very light, equipped with a cool sensor, and quite convenient. Let’s take a closer look at this model.

Cougar Airblader Tournament specfications

Type Wired mouse
Connectors USB Type-A
Sensor PixArt PMW3399
Maximum sensor resolution, dpi 20000
Polling rate 2000 Hz
Maximum tracking speed 650 IPS
Maximum acceleration 50 g
Resource of switches 80 million clicks
Cable length 1.8 m
Dimensions  117х62.8х37.8 mm
Weight (without cable) 62 g

In the box

And I’ll start, as always, with packaging and package contents. It is not much – a compact box, a manual and a set of replaceable legs. Everything is simple, almost ascetic.

Design and ergonomics

The appearance of the mouse is completely dictated by its function — to be as light and fast as possible. Because of this, you can notice a lot of “cavities” in its case. It resembles other iconic models of this class, but dust can accumulate in open panels.

The Cougar Airblader Tournament is available in two colors: white and black. Honestly, white is my personal favorite. The classic combination of matte white and black, lack of gloss and bright orange wire woven from fabric has a very stylish look. And at the same time, there is no backlight in the model, not even a small LED. All for the maximum lightening of the case. The cable, by the way, turned out to be very light and it does not cling to the mat, nor does it interfere with the movement of the mouse.

The black model has a more restrained and modest look, and fingerprints are visible a little better. The only decorative element is the orange overlay behind the scroll wheel. Yes, it is a pad, not a button, which is quite unusual, because it is more common for mouse manufacturers to place buttons in this place.

There are a minimum of additional keys here: only the side buttons with the “Forward” and “Back” functionality, and the sensor resolution change button at the bottom of the mouse.

The main keys are made of more durable plastic, unlike the rest of the case, and fingers do not slide on them.

Under the keys there are switches with a claimed resource of 80 million clicks. This, by the way, is one of the main differences from the regular Airblader model, where the switches are designed for 50 million clicks. The keys have a clear and moderately loud click. The scroll wheel works quietly and is covered with rubber for greater grip.

Now about the main thing – weight and dimensions. The mouse is really ultralight and its weight is only 62 grams. It is not felt in the hand. After heavier mice, it is even unusual, but it should be so. Airblader Tournament is also quite compact and suitable for a small hand. In this case, the best grip will be “palm” or “claw”. For larger hands, you will have to hold the mouse with your fingers.

Cougar Airblader Tournament equipment and setup

The Tournament console explains not only the more reliable switches in the mouse but also the improved sensor. The mouse is equipped with a PixArt PMW 3399 with a resolution of 20,000 dpi and the ability to track a distance of 650 inches per second. The sensor proved to be excellent in use in the range from 400 to 6500 dpi. We did not test the mouse in other ranges, because neither comfort nor accuracy is possible at smaller and larger ranges. At low dpi (400-800), the mouse showed itself to be stable and accurate.

You can configure the operation of the sensor in the utility Cougar PIX. In it, you can choose the polling frequency of the port (the maximum rate is 1000 Hz) and the resolution of the sensor, and create from 1 to 5 profiles that are saved to the mouse’s memory and switched by the button below. Among other functions of the software is the ability to create macros and assign other functions to the keys.

Appearance; weight; equipment;
A little overpriced;
The Cougar Airblader Tournament is a great mouse for those for whom weight matters. It is really comfortable, well equipped for its positioning and perfectly put together. There are almost no complaints about the model, but I would just like a slightly more affordable price. But, if the sensor and switches are not of great importance to you, then you can look at the regular Airblader model.
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