A4Tech Bloody S98 mechanical gaming keyboard review

The A4Tech Bloody S98 is a keyboard designed for those who want a durable gaming or work tool that won’t make you worry about breaking the switches and having to throw it away. At least that’s what the manufacturer promises, but whether it’s true or not, we’ll find out in this review.

Bloody S98 accessories

The contents of the box with the keyboard are definitely not ordinary.

It includes a removable cable, a set of 12 replaceable red mechanical switches, a set of 24 replaceable black caps, and a tool for removing the switches and caps.


Bloody S98 doesn’t try to be modest and laconic. It’s all about games and gamers.

However, A4Tech understands that this may not be to everyone’s taste, so the keyboard comes with interchangeable caps that can be used to give the keyboard a more classic look.

Yellow or red caps make the keyboard more visible. Unless you consider the RGB backlight. The latter is not very bright and not very noticeable.

In general, the keyboard is quite simple in design, which is a good thing in my opinion. The build quality and plastic are good, no complaints.

The Bloody S98 is available in two versions – with yellow and red keycaps.

Convenience, switches, functionality

What is atypical and immediately noticeable is the absence of part of the navigation block, there is only an arrow block, the main block and the number blocks. I can’t say it’s inconvenient, just unusual, and worth keeping in mind. The total number of keys is 98.

This keyboard has several solutions that have a positive impact on ergonomics. The first is the ability to route the cable in three positions, depending on your needs and the organization of your workspace. And the second is the two-position legs that allow you to raise the keyboard to different positions.

The Bloody S98 is equipped with BLMS Red mechanical shifters. These linear, kickback-free derailleurs are similar to the Cherry MX Red.

The keystroke force is about 45 grams, but it feels a little less – the keystroke is very light and quite quiet. Keys that require more force will take some getting used to.

The switches can be easily changed using the included tool, and both 3-pin and 5-pin switches are supported.

The functionality of the keyboard is quite simple. You can control media playback and volume, create your own macros and store them in the keyboard’s memory, and that’s it.

The backlight is also adjustable from the keyboard itself using the Fn modifier.

Possibility to change switches; equipment; price;
Certain ergonomic features;
The Bloody S98 is an interesting and relatively inexpensive mechanical gaming keyboard. It has a fairly universal design with the possibility of customization, replaceable switches, and a generally well thought-out construction. At the same time, traditionally for A4Tech, the keyboard costs 2,299 UAH, which is relatively inexpensive for an almost full-size gaming "mechanics".
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