Nadiya Ivanenko

Virgin Orbit is ending space launches

After six years in business, Virgin’s satellite launch subsidiary Virgin Orbit has announced that it lacks the funding to continue operations and is closing for the “foreseeable future”, reports CNBC. Almost 90 percent of Virgin Orbit’s workforce – 675 people – will be laid off immediately. Virgin Orbit was founded ... Read more

The AI Policy Group is demanding that OpenAI stop launching new GPT models

The AI Technology Ethics Group has asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate OpenAI for potential consumer protection violations, reports The Verge. The group claims the organization’s deployment of AI text generation tools was “biased, deceptive, and a risk to public safety.” Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital ... Read more

FDA to reject new medical devices for lack of cybersecurity

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that medical device manufacturers product manufacturers must now prove that their products meet certain cybersecurity standards in order to receive approval from the agency. These rules were laid out in a general appropriations bill signed last December that authorized the FDA to set ... Read more

Elon Musk still became the most popular person on Twitter

Elon Musk replaced former US President Barack Obama as the most popular person on Twitter. Musk now has 133,068,709 followers, Obama 133,042,819, reports The Verge. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has undoubtedly helped skyrocket his following, surpassing Obama’s. It hit the 100 million follower mark last June and has continued to ... Read more

ChatGPT could replace low-wage AI training workers, study finds

Researchers from the University of Zurich discovered that ChatGPT can outperform workers performing text labeling tasks that will be used to train an AI system. They found that ChatGPT can tag text with greater accuracy and consistency. The researchers fed ChatGPT a sample of 2,382 tweets and asked it to ... Read more

Nokia will launch 4G Internet on the Moon

Nokia has announced that it will send equipment for the deployment of 4G networks to the Moon during an upcoming space mission. The company hopes that this step will pave the way for new discoveries and create opportunities for a human presence on the Moon and beyond. The system is ... Read more

Astronomers have discovered a new black hole that weighs 30 billion times the mass of the Sun

A group of astronomers found a black hole weighing 30 billion times the mass of our Sun. This is seven thousand times more than the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. According to the press release of Durham University, the newly discovered black hole is the ... Read more

The Webb Telescope confirmed that an exoplanet in a nearby star system does not have a significant atmosphere

Today, many exoplanets that fall under the general name “Earth-like” have been discovered. They are rocky, and many of them orbit at such distances from their stars that they can potentially have moderate temperatures. But in many cases, we don’t even know if they have an atmosphere. The category similar ... Read more

Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and over 1,000 others are calling for a halt to AI experiments

AI systems competing with human intelligence can pose serious risks to society and humanity, reminds The Future of Life Institute, whose members wrote an open letter demanding to pause experiments with artificial intelligence. Among them are Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and more than 1000 other people. According to the AI ... Read more

The Internet Archive has lost a landmark copyright case, but vows to appeal

The Internet Archive vowed to appeal the judge’s decision in a landmark infringement lawsuit filed against it by major publishers. In that case, a judge ruled that the Internet Archive was liable for copyright infringement by a library that became popular in the early stages of COVID-19, reports Vice. Three ... Read more

Neuralink is looking for a partner for human trials of the brain implant

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink has approached one of the largest US neurosurgery centers as a potential clinical trial partner as it prepares to test its devices on humans as soon as regulators give the go-ahead to do this, reports the Reuters agency, citing its own sources. Neuralink has ... Read more

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors arrested on assault charge

Jonathan Majors, the actor who plays the villain Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was arrested in New York last weekend for allegedly assaulting a woman. First it was reported by publication TMZ. Police responded to the call and found a 30-year-old woman who appeared to have been assaulted. The ... Read more

Part of Twitter’s source code has been leaked online

As reported by New York Times, court documents were published on Friday that show that part of Twitter’s source code – the underlying software that makes the platform possible – has been leaked online. According to court documents, Twitter claimed copyright infringement in an attempt to remove the code from ... Read more

NASA has spotted a “coronal hole” in the Sun the size of 20-30 Earth-sized planets

This week NASA astronomers noticed a gaping, black region on the sun, the so-called coronal hole. The “hole” isn’t really a hole, but rather is a large region much cooler than the rest of the Sun. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects, the dynamics of the coronal hole were expected ... Read more

Wind energy is recovering from a 2022 slump

According to a report BloombergNEF, wind energy industry is recovering from recession in 2022. Global capacity growth includes offshore and onshore wind power installations, which saw a 15 percent drop last year. Among the new wind installations, the most drastic reduction in production was in offshore ones — by 46% ... Read more

Apple will spend a billion dollars on theatrical releases

Apple is preparing to become a major studio that will distribute movies in theaters. Sources familiar with Apple’s business plans told Bloomberg that the company is spending $1 billion on its foray into film. Anonymous sources told the publication that Apple approached the studios with a proposal for a partnership ... Read more

Big Shark: The director of The Room made a movie about a killer shark (strange trailer)

It’s been 20 years since Tommy Wiseau’s debut film The Room was released, and now its sequel is ready. The film is called Big Shark and it is the first movie that Tommy Wiseau directed independently after The Room. On the Variety website there’s a trailer, which, according to the publication, ... Read more

TikTok’s CEO further fueled Washington’s mistrust of the company

At hearing in the House of Representatives on Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced a barrage of questions about whether the data of American users could be vulnerable to surveillance by China. Referring to Forbes message, later confirmed by the company itself, Florida Rep. Neal Dunn asked Chew whether ... Read more

Twitter Blue subscription is now available worldwide. The old blue checkmarks should disappear on April 1

Twitter confirmed that Blue subscription is now available worldwide. For $8 a month ($11 if you sign up via the iOS or Android app), you’ll get not only the blue checkmark, but 4,000-character tweets, a higher reply rating, the ability to edit posts, and other benefits. The subscription price for ... Read more

Scientists have solved the mystery of the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua

The first interstellar object ever discovered in our solar system, known as ‘Oumuamua, has generated enormous interest and controversy since it was spotted in October 2017. Now, a pair of scientists have presented a robust natural explanation that accounts for ‘Oumuamua’s strangest behaviors, including its puzzling speed boost as it ... Read more

Mozilla is launching a new startup focused on “trustworthy” AI

Ahead of its 25th anniversary, Mozilla launches AI startup, reports TechCrunch. According to Mark Surman, Executive President of, the company’s mission is not to create just any AI, but to create open source AI that is “trustworthy”. “Working on trustworthy AI for almost five years, I’ve constantly felt a ... Read more

Apple Music bug on iOS mixes up users’ playlists

Apple Music users on iOS complain about a bug that causes other people’s playlists and songs to appear in their libraries. In addition, some users complain that their own playlists simply disappeared or were replaced by others. This is reported by 9to5Mac. The issue appears to be limited to the ... Read more

The CEO of TikTok will testify before the US House Energy and Commerce Committee

Tensions surrounding TikTok will come to a head on Thursday, March 23, when the company’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. It will give Democrats and Republicans a rare chance to voice their suspicions directly about TikTok, reports New York Times. On Tuesday, Mr. ... Read more

IFPI Global Report 2022: recorded-music revenue up 9% to $26.2 billion

The growth rate of global recorded-music revenue slowed sharply in 2022, but still grew by 9%, according to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). If 2021 growth was 18.5%, mainly due to an increase in streaming, as the world waited for the end of the ... Read more

Adobe created an AI image generator – and says it didn’t steal artists’ work for it

Adobe launches its own AI image generator. The company announced a “family of creative generative AI models” called Adobe Firefly and releases the first two tools that take advantage of them. One of the tools works like DALL-E or Midjourney, allowing users to input a prompt and receive an image ... Read more