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A router with a mobile modem and Dual WAN – how to stay connected when the local Internet does not work

Lately, we all have been trying to be ready for anything. In case of a power outage, we have generators and charged power banks, and for other critical events, we have a supply of water and food for several days. If you have a problem with home Internet from the ... Read more

Updated MSI Prestige Evo business laptops are already in Ukraine

MSI announced the release of updated Prestige Evo series laptops designed for productive work and business tasks. These laptops have improved significantly, become even more powerful and convenient to use. The laptops of this series have received Intel Evo certification, which confirms their high performance and efficiency of interaction with ... Read more

FIMI X8 SE 2022 — a compact quadcopter with great capabilities

If you are looking for a high-quality, functional and affordable drone, pay attention to FIMI X8 SE 2022. It is suitable for performing various tasks, easy to manage and costs only UAH 23,499. At the request of Citrus, this drone was tested by the military, and in the article you ... Read more

10 upcoming games with nextgen graphics for the powerful Lenovo Legion Pro 7i

Game studios and engine developers are constantly working to improve graphics that will soon be hard to distinguish from real-world footage. For example, Unreal Engine 5 which is capable of generating a cinematic picture. Of course, such graphics will require appropriate hardware. The new gaming laptop Lenovo Legion Pro 7i, ... Read more

Games worth trying on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Ultra-WQHD monitor

Widescreen 21:9 monitors can provide a great experience in modern and even old games if they are adapted to the new image format. New 34-inch Ultra-WQHD monitor Samsung Odyssey OLED The G8 provides unparalleled immersion and image quality during gaming, so we’ve made a selection of games that maximize its ... Read more

How to choose a router for a smart TV. Tips from KIVI experts

How to choose a router for a smart TV, whether you need to buy a new router, and what speed is ideal for watching videos in 4K format – let’s find out together with the experts of the smart TV brand KIVI. How is TV image quality related to router ... Read more

How to increase the performance of Smart TV. Advice from experts

Smart TV opens up many additional possibilities – from gaming to setting up business video conferences with presentations, from broadcasting any content to using many applications. But at the same time, the load on the software and the operating system increases, and many of us noticed that the TV freezes, ... Read more

The most powerful MSI laptop in the world is already available in Ukraine

MSI has started selling its most powerful gaming laptop in Ukraine – Titan GT77 13VI. This model is the flagship of the manufacturer’s new line of laptops. Key features of the Titan GT77 13VI include a super-powerful 24-core/32-thread Intel Core i9-13980HX processor, top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 laptop graphics, and ... Read more

Canyon wireless earphones: which models are worth paying attention to

The Canyon company is well known to Ukrainian users as a manufacturer of stylish and affordable accessories and smart gadgets. Their legendary mp3 players immediately come to mind. But the modern Canyon can offer a much wider selection of various gadgets and accessories, including wireless headphones that will not burden ... Read more

The first international conference on Low-code/No-code business solutions was held in Kyiv

The world market of No-code solutions will reach almost 200 billion dollars by 2030. Ukrainian developers and investors can become a significant part of this market. This was discussed at a panel discussion dedicated to investments in low-code solutions for entrepreneurs and organized by the Ukrainian developer community Flowmates. Ukrainian ... Read more

Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34: fantastic opportunities for everyone

Samsung Electronics presents the latest addition to the popular Galaxy A series: innovative smartphones Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 with amazing functionality. With them, users will be able to shoot stable and clear videos, watch interesting content without problems even under bright light, and do more of their favorite things ... Read more

The American company Kingston Technology modernizes computers in schools

In honor of its 35th anniversary Kingston Technology in cooperation with Oleksandr Skichko started a social project. The company is modernizing school computers in educational institutions of the Cherkasy region. Full-scale in Ukraine has been going on for a year and affects all areas of our life. Children especially suffer ... Read more

5 Samsung Odyssey Ark technologies that take gaming to a new level

To fully enjoy the game, you need not only a fast platform but also a large, high-quality screen that will allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible. Samsung has long been developing monitors capable of revealing the smallest details of game worlds, but with the ... Read more

What to choose for your home to get all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is gradually taking over the market of wireless devices, both in the commercial sector and among home users. Buying an AX device is no longer something exceptional, there are more and more client devices capable of supporting this standard – smartphones, laptops, etc. The ZYXEL company recently updated ... Read more

Enjoy the high-quality sound of your favorite music with the Canyon BSP-4 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Canyon, a fast-growing brand of quality and stylish yet affordable mobile accessories, computing and gaming gadgets, introduces the BSP-4 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The modern device optimally combines compact size, light weight and high-quality sound so that you can always take your favorite music with you! The original feature of ... Read more

LTE routers do not depend on wired Internet – which Zyxel and MikroTik models should you pay attention to during a blackout?

Power and Internet outages force Ukrainians to look for additional ways to stay connected. And if the wired Internet often disappears when the lights are turned off, the mobile one lasts longer, because the operators’ base stations usually have backup power sources. Thus, 4G (LTE) Internet can be considered as ... Read more

MSI GeForce RTX 4080 video cards are now on sale! MSI will donate $200 from each video card sold to power banks for Kharkiv region and Donetsk region.

The Ukrainian representative office of the MSI company will send 200 US dollars from each sold GeForce RTX 4080 video card from the first batch for the purchase of 500 power banks. The Charitable Foundation Volunteer Union “PORUCH” will deliver and distribute them to people from recently liberated cities of ... Read more

Top ten features of Smart Monitor 8 – a really smart monitor from Samsung

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 – a new smart screen that combines the functionality of a monitor, Smart TV, remote office and smart home control center – has started sales in Ukraine. To understand in more detail all the features of the model, we have collected the top 10 features that ... Read more

DEV Challenge XIX gathers IT specialists from Europe to develop technological solutions for the protection and reconstruction of the country

On October 28-29, the Final of the Championship DEV Challenge XIX, the “Olympic Games” in the field of IT, will take place. It traditionally took place offline in Kyiv and online in parallel, but this year, due to the full-scale war, it was moved to Poland. During the DEV Challenge ... Read more

Special SSD Spatium M480 Play drive for PlayStation 5 from MSI

The MSI company continues to actively develop the direction of drives and win the favor of gamers around the world. In addition to PC enthusiasts, the manufacturer decided to offer its solution for console gamers as well and created a unique product for PS5 fans — the Spatium M480 Play ... Read more

MSI is auctioning three unique dragon figurines to raise money for the Armed Forces

Hi there! We saw the idea on a Telegram from Oleh Horokhovskyi and decided to make a similar action. We have three unique dragons from the limited series released in honor of the 35th anniversary of MSI. This is a metal dragon on a pedestal in gilded color, 31 cm ... Read more