The Peugeot 508 car of the second generation has been sold in Ukraine for several years. However, you will not find it in every yard, like some Japanese competitors. But what is the reason? Is it about real disadvantages? Is it in the biased attitude of buyers to the model? Let’s try to take a closer look at the Peugeot 508, which is now presented in the maximum GT version.

Design: a real “fastback”

What do you associate the word “fastback” with? Even the first half of this word unequivocally indicates to us the key characteristic – fast! But the second half points us to the “back”: be sure to carefully consider the unusual profile of this body. Now such cars are called “5-door coupe” and you can count them on the fingers of one hand. Skeptics will say that it’s just a “liftback” (which is true), but car aesthetes will start talking about doors without window frames, a sharp “nose” or a solid black rear panel with hidden lights. And then add 18-inch black and silver wheels, a bold side line that runs almost the entire length of the body, and “GT” inserts on the rear roof racks. A beautiful car that you want to look at slowly and savor every detail.

The New Peugeot 508 GT is medium in size (length 4.75 m; width 1.91 m; height 1.4 m; wheelbase 2.79 m) plus cool design. And both in general and in details: sharp teeth of the front bumper, windows without frames, an interesting profile of the 5-door body. But it was not always like that. The first incarnation of the Peugeot 508 was a classic 4-door sedan, which was replaced by a station wagon. By the way, the latter remained in the range even now, but it is not represented in Ukraine. So, let’s compare the previous “sedan” with the modern “fastback”.

And this comparison turns out to be quite ambiguous. I’m familiar with the previous sedan, and I remember well the somewhat limited rear knee room, but I also remember that headroom was greater. And I also remember the separate climate control for the rear passengers (the new Peugeot 508 only has deflectors and ventilation) and sun blinds on the side windows. That is, the previous Peugeot 508 promised much more from the point of view of a business sedan. It promised, but did it fulfill these promises? After all, it turned out that the Peugeot 508 had to please both the owner-driver and the passenger behind, if the car was bought for the “boss”.

The new Peugeot 508 no longer tries to sit on two chairs, it openly bets on the driver-owner: everything is for them and the front passenger. A wonderful “designer” interior (what switch keys!), high-quality finishing materials (what leather!), comfortable “hugging” seats (even with massage!), a digital instrument panel with several design options. Against this background, the rear part of the interior is made in the style of “as it turned out”: there is not much space above the head, a little more room for the knees, the aforementioned ventilation deflectors and a central armrest are present. That’s all. But the trunk is good – not so much in terms of space as in ease of loading: a huge lid, an electric opening drive, a sensor under the bumper.

Interesting appearance is complemented by an equally original interior. And what is very important – a quality interior! Nice wood trim and great leather on the seats, a bit of chrome and gloss black (too much of the latter). In the front, a comment on the general ergonomics concerns only the thick front pillars of the roof, which somewhat limit visibility. However, in the back, space and convenience are only at a sufficient level.

Technology: EMR2 platform, powerful diesel engine, interesting features

Many modern Peugeot cars are built on the universal EMP2 platform: it allows you to increase the wheelbase in 5-centimeter steps, has a wide integration of various driving assistance systems, you can install traditional engines or PHEV-hybrids, create passenger cars and crossovers. For example, the EMR2 platform is the basis of the Peugeot 308 (C-class hatchback), Peugeot 3008 (5-seater crossover), Peugeot 5008 (7-seater crossover). But the flagship Peugeot 508 GT needs to have something to stand out, don’t you agree?!

For example, a completely independent suspension. In addition to the front MacPherson, there is a multi-link rear suspension – while most EMP2-based cars will get a semi-independent rear suspension based on a cross beam. Another feature of the Peugeot 508 GT is the engine: it’s like the usual 2-liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel, but in the most powerful version – 180 hp. and 400 Nm. This engine is paired with an 8-speed “automatic” EAT8 from AISIN. Plus there is a DRIVE MODE switch.

Peugeot 508 GT emphasizes its flagship status with its design: the familiar EMP2 platform – but with completely independent suspension; the famous turbodiesel – but in the most powerful version. And the flagship status of the Peugeot 508 GT emphasizes its level of equipment. However, we will talk about this later – for now…

Behind the wheel: the king of the autobahns!

The car is French, but the hint is German, right? After all, the powerful turbodiesel under the hood of the Peugeot 508 GT surprises not so much with starting from a standstill, but with acceleration from high speeds. Here you are trying to “start” from a traffic light, press the accelerator pedal, and get a small half-second pause, and after that the car begins to accelerate normally. But everything turns out to be much better during movement: dynamic accelerations without delays, literally instantaneous reactions to the accelerator. Especially in the Sport mode, when the accelerator pedal resembles a bare nerve, the instrument panel is colored red, and the speakers in the cabin add a powerful low-frequency rumble in the style of a large-volume engine.

During movement, a powerful wave of acceleration and torque literally “covers” each transmission. By the way, there are currently eight of these same programs. But it is unlikely that you will be able to count them – the box juggles speeds so delicately. It may not be a champion of short races, but definitely a winner in long-distance trips. What is additionally emphasized by the excellent stability of the car on the track, when you count the kilometers of the highway at the limit of the permitted speeds: everything that is “over a hundred” in the Peugeot 508 GT is really good.

When starting from the standstill, the results are not impressive (up to a hundred km/h in 8.7-8.8 seconds), but track overtaking is glorious – at medium speeds, a 2-liter turbodiesel and an 8-speed automatic transmission manifest themselves in the best way. At the same time, it achieves not only good acceleration, but also a low level of fuel consumption: at speeds of about 100 km/h – only five liters per hundred, if you add another 20 km/h, the consumption will increase by one liter. But in the city, with constant acceleration and deceleration, 8-9 liters per hundred are obtained: you already expect better from a modern turbodiesel.

Of course, the Peugeot 508 GT model has a French character charm. It finds a balance of controllability and comfort. On the one hand, there are quick reactions to turning the steering wheel, excellent control accuracy, average sharpness, minimal body rolls, and little wear on the front part. The Peugeot 508 GT car wants to turn and encourages its driver to actively drive. Especially if you “play” with the accelerator and load-unload the front wheels.

On the other hand, the comfort of the suspension is not bad: a series of bumps causes soft swaying of the body, the car seems to float on the road. So it happens to some transverse junction or a big pit, where the Peugeot 508 GT can mercilessly “reward” with a strong push – have you not yet forgotten how much low-profile tires cost at the new exchange rate? I will remind you! This is how you drive: gently,  smoothly and now we brake and protect the tires (and spine) from hernias. However, as soon as the bad road ends, the pleasure of driving returns again.

Peugeot 508 GT car test drive: non-standard car for non-standard people

Maxim Solovyov, representative of the Drivovo company: “The Peugeot 508 GT car is not a conversation about money, but about emotions! Great design, an impressive interior, a powerful engine and excellent driving qualities – this is why our customers choose the Peugeot 508 GT. By the way, usually, these customers are men aged 27-32, ambitious and life-loving: that is, the perfect image of Peugeot 508GT‘s style. Of course, our service also offers other cars by subscription: various brands, classes, and models – sometimes our fleet resembles a mini-exhibition of the modern automotive industry (laughs). However, even here, the bright and unique Peugeot 508 GT immediately stands out – a real exclusive, even in the smallest details.”

Cost: how much does an exclusive cost

I remember, in 2019, I was at the Ukrainian presentation of the car: then the Peugeot 508 offered three types of engines and three configurations. The price of a 2021 car (from UAH 1.4 million) promises us two engines – gasoline 215 hp. or diesel 180 hp. – but only one GT configuration. But the 2022 Peugeot 508 GT car is offered in Ukraine only in one version: 2-liter turbodiesel 180 hp, 8-speed “automatic”, the maximum GT configuration. Likewise, the price of such a Peugeot 508 GT is quite high – from UAH 1.5 million or $38,000 .

However, the equipment is really good: front and side airbags, side curtain airbags, ABS and ESP systems, cruise control, Keyless Access system, automatic headlights, 2-zone climate control, front and rear parking sensors, rearview camera, heated seats with electric adjustment and 8-zone massage, Driver Sport Pack, Nappa Mistral leather, Full LED headlights, digital instrument panel and multimedia system with a 10-inch display. In fact, the GT version is already “all inclusive”, only a few paid options remain: panoramic roof, night vision assistant with an infrared camera, FOCAL premium audio system, “Safety” packages (adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, etc.) .

Dashboard Peugeot iCockpit with 12.3-inch display, black and silver 18-inch wheels, massage seats, 10-inch multimedia display – all this is mandatory equipment for the Peugeot 508 >GT: car status requires! Among the interesting equipment, you can note the night vision system – for fans of high technologies; and audio FOCAL – for music lovers.

However, the amount of $35,000-40,000 is not small. Mazda6 Turbo easily enters this range: good power and dynamics (Peugeot wins here), maximum configuration (although Peugeot is inferior in some respects). But the most important thing is that the Mazda6 has many more affordable versions. If we have already talked about the rationality of purchasing a car of this class, then it is impossible to bypass the Toyota Camry: a spacious interior, good comfort, a conventional engine or an economical hybrid, and liquidity on the secondary market. And vice versa: if we talk about emotional cars, then pay attention to the Volkswagen Arteon. Yes, it is more expensive than Peugeot. But everything is compensated by the excellent dynamics of the 280-horsepower engine and all-wheel drive. So there are options.

Peugeot 508 GT test drive results

Great car! However, only for aesthetes and. eccentrics. After all, most potential buyers and ordinary people simply do not understand why there are no more affordable versions, why there is such limited space in the cabin, or why there are no more powerful or, on the contrary, more economical options. In fact, there are many painful questions about the Peugeot 508 GT car. All these questions, most likely, will lead to the choice and purchase of a competitor’s car. So: to buy a Peugeot 508 GT, you need to want to buy a Peugeot 508 GT.

But that’s why those copies of the 508 that we see on the streets of Ukrainian cities are more valuable. After all, this means that the owners of these cars have rejected all traditional pragmatic comparisons of pros and cons and have moved on to choosing emotions, their own beliefs and vision of the world. Therefore, it turns out that the Peugeot 508 GT is a great car. However, only for aesthetes and great eccentrics who want to get an equally eccentric car.

Peugeot 508 GT car test drive: non-standard car for non-standard people

Car provided by Drivovo: Subscription Cars