Windows 11 will display all files from an Android smartphone via Phone Link

The Phone Link program on Windows 11 will allow users to view files from their smartphones directly in the file explorer. This was reported by 9to5Google.

X platform user @PhantomOcean3 has shared a new find that hints that Microsoft is preparing for users to be able to access files from an Android smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

To enable this feature, users will need to grant the necessary permission. After that, the files from the smartphone will appear in File Explorer in the same way as when the smartphone is connected to the computer via a wire.

Now the program already allows Android users to access photos and videos on Windows 11, and with the new update, there will be no restrictions on file type. However, it is not yet known when exactly the new feature will become publicly available.

Microsoft has also recently introduced the ability to use an Android smartphone as a webcam, which also works through Phone Link. Among other things, the program also allows you to make and receive calls, view notifications, and more.