Ukrainian game Heralds of the Avirentes is now available in Steam Early Access

The Ukrainian visual novel Heralds of the Avirentes by TellerySpyro_GTX is now available in Steam Early Access.

Heralds of the Avirentes is a visual novel with a rather unusual artwork in the crystal fantasy setting. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Nanras, inhabited by the om’verai, dragon-like creatures.

Features of the game:

  • the impact of your decisions on the further course of events and the change of character depending on the style of play;
  • jRPG elements and a turn-based combat system with pumping;
  • developed social component, with friendly and romantic relationships;
  • a non-linear plot with three game classes, each of which has its own story and vision of events;
  • full Ukrainian localization, including voice acting.

Heralds of the Avirentes was released in Steam Early Access and contains only a part of the story content. As of now, the game has positive reviews and a Steam rating of 92/100 (based on 13 reviews). Until June 6, 2024, Heralds of the Avirentes is available with a 10% discount for 270 UAH.