Microsoft has sped up the “productivity menu” in its Edge browser. The company has switched the browser to WebUI 2.0 architecture, which allowed the menu to open 42% faster, The Verge reports.

Today, browsers are getting more and more features and require more and more resources to operate. Microsoft has decided not to choose what to give up, but to optimize its browser as much as possible.

The company has even released a video demonstrating the difference in loading speed compared to React and WebUI libraries with Javascript.

It is also reported that the company has accelerated the Favorites menu by 40%. Edge’s history, downloads, and wallet features will also soon receive WebUI 2.0 updates.

Microsoft says that it created WebUI 2.0 after it found that many Edge components were using “too large” code packages. WebUI 2.0 uses a “more modular” architecture. The company will now rely on a repository of web components that are tuned to perform in modern browser engines.