MSI is actively experimenting with platform formats for desktop systems. This time, the developers are ready to offer a motherboard with support for CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Module). The new standard was approved by JEDEC only at the end of last year and is primarily focused on implementation in mobile systems and server solutions.


The MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS motherboard is supposed to prove that CAMM2 also has prospects in the desktop segment. The concept was developed jointly with Kingston, which offered Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 CAMM2 modules for this project.

CAMM2 modules topology

CAMM2 modules have a much thinner profile than So-DIMMs, which allows them to be used in more compact systems. The new standard also allows for dual-channel (128-bit) memory operation using only one module. Other advantages include simplification of the overall memory subsystem topology and reduction of the distance to the SoC, which makes it possible to use faster modes.

In the case of desktops, at first glance, one can immediately note the potential for increasing the size of CPU coolers. Surely, the developers will be able to share other technical nuances at Computex 2024, where MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS will be presented.