Mozilla has released a roadmap describing its plans for new Firefox features it is currently working on and what it plans to implement in the browser in the future.

First, it’s something that users have been asking Mozilla for a long time, namely vertical tabs. This feature is available in many other browsers and is available for Firefox in the form of extensions, but it should soon be available in the form of native support. Back in April, the developer released a test build of Firefox Nightly with this feature, so we can expect it to appear in the release channel soon.

Another feature that Mozilla promises is tab grouping. Again, it can be added now by installing one of the available extensions, but later on, it will not be needed.

The new profile management system will offer convenient management of personal and work sessions and quick switching between them – the developer does not go into details, but it is hoped that, among other things, it will also save logging in to sites under different accounts, such as Google or Microsoft.

Mozilla also promises to introduce wallpapers for new tabs, better menu optimization, and “intuitive privacy settings.” Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit for the promised – according to the developer, all these features are planned to be implemented “over the next year”.