Activision Blizzard must pay $23.4 million for patent infringement

Activision Blizzard was found guilty of infringing two patent rights of Acceleration Bay. Now the company has to pay a fine of $23.4 million. It was reported by Insider Gaming.

The United States District Court for the District of Delaware has found Activision Blizzard guilty of infringing two patents related to networking and broadcast technologies that provide key multiplayer features in the company’s games.

The company was fined $18 million for infringement in World of Warcraft and $5.4 million for infringement in Call of Duty.

In a press commentary, the company said it was disappointed with the decision and would appeal it in court.

“While we are disappointed, we believe there is a strong basis for appeal,” an Activision Spokesperson said. “We have never used the patented technologies at issue in our games.”

In addition to this case, Acceleration Bay is also accusing Take-Two, Electronic Arts, and Amazon Web Services of violating its patent rights.