Capcom plans to release Resident Evil 9 in January 2025

Dusk Holem insider claims that Resident Evil 9 will be released in January 2025 and Capcon will announce it very soon.

Dusk Holem is an authoritative insider on the Resident Evil games. He has previously given true reports about Resident Evil Village. According to him, Resident Evil 9 will be presented “soon” and its launch is scheduled for January 2025.

However, as the insider notes, this is only the date that the developers are focused on, and it can change. He also said that the game has been in development for about 7 years, i.e. since 2018. That is, the development started even before the release of Village.

“January 2025 I hadn’t heard now, just been a date I’d heard previously they probably are still aiming for, but never know in game dev. I won’t leak/rumor any other details of the game, just let Capcom do their thing & let them surprise people,” — continued in the following tweet by Dusk Holem.

The insider also said that Resident Evil 9 was originally supposed to be the eighth installment, and Village was developed as a non-numbered spin-off of the series. But during development, the games grew, so Village got the number 8 in the title, and old fans of the series know that this is not the first time for the games in the series.