Apple has a “secret” research lab in Europe to develop artificial intelligence

Apple has a “secret” laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, known as the Vision Lab, which is dedicated to the research and development of artificial intelligence. This was reported by 9to5Mac with reference to an investigation by Financial Time.

It also states that this particular facility is responsible for some of the most innovative AI work in the company.

At least 36 senior staff members of the lab previously worked at Google AI. This is not surprising, though, given that in 2018, the company also hired John Giannandrea, who previously headed Google’s AI efforts and is now the vice president of machine learning and AI at Apple.

Luc Van Gool, a professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, also said that the decision to open a research laboratory in Switzerland was made after the acquisition of two local AI startups – FaceShift and Fashwell.

As for the secrecy of this lab, it is reported that employees of other companies in the vicinity did not know that it belonged to Apple. The company probably avoided using its own branding.