1 million copies in 24 hours: medieval urban planning simulator Manor Lords takes Steam by storm

Manor Lords, a medieval city-building simulator, is showing fantastic sales results for an indie game. Within the first 24 hours of its release in Early Access on Steam, the game sold 1 million copies. This was announced by the official account of the publisher Hooded Horse on X/Twitter.

In addition, according to SteamDB, Manor Lords showed a peak online Steam player count of 173,178 on Sunday. This is the highest figure for city-building strategies, grand strategies, 4X strategies and colony simulators in the history of the service.

The fantastic performance of Manor Lords on Steam is not the whole story, as the game was also released on the Epic Games Store, GOG.com, and Xbox/PC Games Pass, where it was available for free. So we can already say that the game, which has been developed by only one person, Greg Stichny, for the past five years, has already become a mega-hit and made the author a millionaire.

As a reminder, Manor Lords is a kind of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but from the point of view of a castle and village owner, not an ordinary peasant. That is, it is a hyper-realistic strategy/manager, not a role-playing game. And if you turn on the third-person camera, the similarities are even more striking. But of course, here you have to build villages and your own manor, not walk around with ladies and frolic in a tavern.

By the way, the authors of Manor Lords and our Island follow each other’s projects and respectfully review competing developments.

Have you already tried Manor Lords?