Watch Dogs is on pause, Ubisoft no longer plans new games in the series

It seems that Ubisoft is no longer interested in creating new games based on the Watch Dogs franchise. According to insider j0nathan, the series is “dead and buried.”

j0nathan, who has repeatedly published insider information in the past that later proved to be true, answered questions about the future of the series and said that Ubisoft has no plans for new games.

In addition, the insider also said that Ubisoft has canceled several projects in the franchise, including a “very original” battle royale.

Watch Dogs: Legion, which despite having good ideas, failed to attract a large number of players. At the same time, such series as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry are still bringing money to the company.

Ubisoft did not announce the financial results of Legion, and the only known information about the game’s sales is an article from Gamingbolt, which claims that the game sold 1.9 million copies in the first three days.

Ubisoft has not yet commented on these rumors.