Apple acquires Datakalab, an AI startup that previously cooperated with the French government

Apple has acquired the French startup Datakalab, which focuses on artificial intelligence and works with computer vision technology. This was reported by 9to5Mac with reference to Challenges magazine.

According to media reports, the deal was finalized in December last year. Before that, the company employed 10 to 20 people.

“Datakalab is a French technology company that develops computer image analysis algorithms to measure flows in public space. The images are instantly transformed into anonymized statistical data processed locally in 100ms,” the publication refers to information from the company’s website, which is currently down.

According to the media, the startup does not store any images or personal data, but only statistical data. Datakalab products are built on the principle of Privacy by Design.

In May 2020, Datakalab partnered with the French government to introduce AI tools into the Paris transportation system to check whether people are wearing face masks.

The current agreement was reported to the European Commission this month. Two of Datakalab’s founders did not join Apple, but many other employees moved to the company.