DJI introduces its own Power 1000 and Power 500 charging stations

DJI has unveiled its first charging stations equipped with a new bi-directional SDC port – Smart DC – that can quickly charge (some) DJI drone batteries and other devices. This was reported by The Verge.

The larger model, the Power 1000, costs $699 (including the launch discount, the regular price is $999). It has a maximum output power of 2,200 W and provides stable power with a battery capacity of 1,024 Wh.

When connected to the mains, the DJI Power 1000 supports 1,200W and 600W charging power. The station can be charged to 100% in 70 minutes and to 80% in just 50 minutes. There are also two 140W USB-C output ports for a total output power of up to 280W for uninterrupted use.

The smaller Power 500 is currently priced at $379 (regular price is $499), has a 512 Wh battery capacity and a maximum output power of 1,000 Wh. This station supports 540W and 270W charging from the mains, with the fastest time being 70 minutes for a 100% battery.

The Power 500 also has 2 USB-C ports that can simultaneously charge the Power 500 up to 200W or deliver up to 100W. Both stations also support charging from solar panels, which are sold separately (from $299 to $956, depending on the layout).

DJI says there is currently no difference in the operation of the bi-directional SDC and SDC Lite ports. Both options support the Power SDC ultra-fast charging feature, which draws 230 watts for Metric 30 Series TB30 Intelligent Flight batteries, 200 watts for Inspire 3 TB51 Intelligent, 150 watts for Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight, and 125 watts for DJI Air 3 Intelligent Flight. But this only works with a special $19 cable for each drone series.

These ports can also be used to charge the 400W stations themselves, but again, only with a special cable for $59. For another $49, you can buy a wire for charging from a car cigarette lighter. And DJI has many more accessories like this.