Sony wants to increase the frame rate in games on the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony is working on an ultra-high performance mode for older games to make them run better on the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, The Verge reports.

According to anonymous sources, Sony is asking developers to create a new graphics mode in games exclusive to PS5 Pro. This mode should provide up to 4K resolution (thanks to PSSR), 60 frames per second, and ray tracing effects.

That is, to significantly improve the gaming experience, developers will still have to improve their old games for Sony’s console on their own, and separately for the regular PS5 and PS5 Pro.

Games that have these improvements will receive the PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label, but not necessarily. Games that run at 30 frames per second or reach 4K resolution dynamically will also be eligible for this label.

Developers can also turn on ray tracing effects and get the PS5 Pro Enhanced label without increasing the resolution or frame rate. If a developer wants to achieve 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second with the same resolution, this can also qualify as a PS5 Pro Enhanced game.

But still, games will get some improvements even without modifications. Ultra-boost mode will definitely increase the frame rate in games, and games with dynamic resolution will increase it.

Games that run at fixed resolutions and graphics settings for fixed rendering resolutions will not see any improvements. Even if developers remain on older versions of Sony’s SDK, they can still use PSSR to improve the quality of their games and access the additional system memory that Sony offers to game developers.

The requirements for the PS5 Pro Enhanced label are largely similar to those that Sony had for the PS4 Pro, and there is some flexibility for developers to choose what they want to improve. If a game meets the requirements of the Enhanced label, it can be displayed on the disc packaging and on the Sony PlayStation Store.