Logitech releases new peripherals for working with artificial intelligence

Logitech is introducing a new Logitech Signature AI Edition M750 Mouse with a separate button for calling ChatGPT, The Verge reports.

Logitech plans to launch the mouse in the US and UK this month for $49.99. The special AI button will launch the Logi AI Prompt Builder app, which is powered by ChatGPT.

This application is part of Logi Options+, a software that integrates many of Logitech’s MX or Master series peripherals (as well as Studio, Ergo, and other series), such as keyboards and mice.

When the user presses the AI prompt button on the top of the mouse, they actually launch the prompt builder in the Options+ program. Existing Logitech peripherals that do not have a dedicated ChatGPT key can reassign a different key to trigger the same function.

Prompt Builder is used to select, copy, and/or edit a portion of text. Users can select a block of the test and use the assigned key to paraphrase or highlight the conclusions from the text.

Currently, Logi AI Prompt Builder works only with ChatGPT and understands only English. Logitech stated that they are working on connecting it with other chatbots.