SAG-AFTRA has reached a preliminary agreement with record labels to protect artists from AI

Hollywood performers have reached a preliminary agreement with major record companies such as Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment to raise the minimum wage and protect against the use of artificial intelligence. This was reported by Reuters.

The agreement covers the period up to 2026 and was unanimously approved by the SAG-AFTRA Executive Committee, which represents approximately 160,000 actors and other media professionals.

Previous arrangements with record labels require consent and compensation before releasing a song that uses a digital copy of an artist’s voice. The terms “artist,” “singer,” and “royalty artist” can only refer to humans.

“This agreement guarantees the protection of our members. While technology can enhance the creative process, the essence of music must always be based on authentic human expression and experience,” SAG-AFTRA emphasized.

AI is a big concern in the entertainment industry. The music industry is struggling with songs created with the help of generative artificial intelligence, a technology that allows users to easily imitate artists’ voices, often without their consent.