Mercedes EQS update: more traditional appearance and 800+ km of mileage

The Mercedes EQS electric car is often referred to as the “battery-powered S-Class,” and in some ways it is – a large and luxurious sedan that was originally made only electric, with no versions with traditional internal combustion engines in its history.

Now the two models have become even closer visually – thanks to the scheduled Mercedes EQS update, which introduced a panel with an imitation grille and a branded star on the hood. In addition, the Mercedes EQS has been updated with new AMG-style bumpers, improved front fascia trim, and softer rear seats with an additional layer of padding material.

Finally, the Mercedes EQS electric vehicle has also received a larger battery: whereas previously it had a 108 kWh battery, now it uses a 118 kWh battery, which has a corresponding effect on the range.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz EQS450 version can cover up to 822 km on a single full battery charge. Another record holder in the Mercedes EQS lineup is the Mercedes-AMG EQS53, which with the optional package impresses not with its range, but with its power – up to 761 hp and 1020 Nm of torque!

Sales of the new Mercedes EQS in Europe will start at the end of April, after which the updated electric vehicle can be expected in Ukraine.