Longreads platform Medium bans AI content in its paid affiliate program

Medium is banning content created by artificial intelligence from its paid affiliate program. The new policy comes into effect on May 1, 2024, Bleeping Computer reports.

Monetized content created with the help of artificial intelligence will be removed from the paid platform. Such users may even be deprived of monetization.

Medium emphasizes that the platform is designed for human writing, not artificial intelligence. Medium explained that it understands that AI can help make some texts more understandable or help those who write in a second language. But creating content solely with the help of AI is no longer allowed.

According to the rules, Medium supports the responsible use of assistive technologies with artificial intelligence, but with strict transparency requirements. Any content that uses AI must clearly mention this in the first two paragraphs.

This rule also applies to images created using AI, which must be properly labeled.

Medium users can still publish AI-generated stories on their personal blogs, but they will not be promoted by Medium itself and, as is now clear, will not be monetized.

In addition, the service has a separate button for AI content called “Show less of these stories.” This will help Medium understand what kind of content users prefer and limit access to fully AI-generated content.

It is worth noting that Medium’s affiliate program has not yet been launched in Ukraine.