Announcements of Marvel-style devices from ASUS

The fact that ASUS loves the Marvel universe is evident in the presence of ROG Thor and ROG Loki power supplies. But now the company has decided to develop this theme and turned the May Day joke into a real device.

The entry in X confirms that the Mjolnir hammer will become a charging station (we hope the handle will be removable). There is also a hint of a solar panel as an additional accessory.

Judging by the inscriptions on the screen “768W”, “1HR” and the full charge indicator, we can assume that the charging station will have a power reserve of 768 Wh and an approximate weight of 7.5-8 kg, if we look at similar stations.

Apparently, after the release of the ROG Ally portable gaming station, the company decided to occupy the niche of camping accessories and encourage more people to be outdoors.


In any case, we will find out the details at Computex 2024, which will take place in Taiwan from June 4 to 7.

But that’s not all! Asus has announced another device that looks like Captain America’s shield with the ASUS ROG logo. It looks like a Wi-Fi access point. If you look at the existing mesh systems for the home in fancy cases, this “plate on a stand” style will fit in with the trend.