First impressions of Humane Ai Pin: the device based on artificial intelligence is not worth $699

The first reviews and feedback on Humane Ai Pin, a $699 device powered by artificial intelligence that is supposed to eliminate the need for owners to constantly use their smartphones, have begun to appear.

However, according to reviews from The Verge and Engadget, the device is not worth the money so far. Especially considering that Ai Pin requires a $24 monthly subscription in addition to the $699 purchase.

One of the biggest problems with Ai Pin is how slow it is. It sometimes takes more than 10 seconds to get an answer to a question. And it doesn’t even guarantee that the answers are accurate or even correct.

Another problem is the limited functionality. For example, the device can’t set reminders or set alarms. These and some other features are not yet available, although they are promised to be added in future updates.

In addition to voice communication, Ai Pin can work as a projector. The device displays an interface with settings and some programs on the user’s hand. Further use of this interface takes place through gestures. Users can read messages, view text responses, switch music, and more.

However, this doesn’t work too well either, and the projection is almost invisible outdoors, even in cloudy weather. If you do some standard things, it’s not so bad, but it becomes very inconvenient to enter passwords, respond to messages, or do anything more complicated that requires more than a few gestures.

Ai Pin can also be quite hot – it does not reach critical temperatures, but it causes discomfort while wearing it. Sometimes the device itself announces that it is too hot and simply reboots.

In general, reviewers say that this is a great idea, and in some cases, Humane Ai Pin does its job. You can easily get an answer to a question about the weather, take a call, turn on music, although there is a problem here, because the device currently supports only Tidal.

But there are many more drawbacks to the device, and many more updates and improvements are needed to make Ai Pin worthwhile and become something truly useful.