“Chat summary”: Rakuten Viber launches AI feature that will summarize unread messages

Rakuten Viber has announced the launch of a new feature that analyzes 5 to 100 unread messages in a group chat and highlights key points in a single message. It is reported by the company’s press service.

The new feature is called Chat Summary and is based on OpenAI technology. Currently, it will be available only for group chats, the most popular communication format among Rakuten Viber users.

“From now on, you don’t have to read all the missed messages, but can find out about their content in the format of a brief summary. Two-thirds of Rakuten Viber users in Ukraine communicate in group chats at least monthly, so this feature should help save time for many Ukrainians,” the company said.

Rakuten Viber explained that the offer to create an additional summary of the conversation that the user missed will automatically appear when opening a group chat with five or more unread messages.

“To develop this feature, we used the power of generative AI to save users’ time and make sure they don’t miss any important details of their conversations,” said Ophir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

The feature is currently being tested for 10% of iOS and Android users in Ukraine and other countries: USA, Japan, Bulgaria, Poland, and the Philippines. Chat Summary supports more than 50 languages, including Ukrainian.