Google introduced a new program for creating videos with the help of AI – Google Vids

Google Vids is a new tool in Google’s Workspace suite that allows users to create videos using artificial intelligence. This was reported by 9to5Google.

Google puts Vids on a par with tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which are used by thousands of users around the world for work. The app will also be available in the same menu as the others.

The new tool is designed to create work-related videos, which the company also calls Vids, such as meeting summaries, instructions, announcements, etc. As with other tools, different users will be able to comment, review, and edit shared Vids.

Google Vids has a fairly simple interface, where users first need to write a request for help in creating a video, describing what the topic of the video should be. You can specify the purpose of the video, its audience, and length. You can also attach various documents from Google Drive to these videos.

After Vids receives a request from the user, artificial intelligence will generate a storyboard that can be edited by changing the order, or removing or adding elements. The user will then be able to choose a video style.

When all the data is filled in, Google Vids will start generating a video series by suggesting footage and other elements from stock video, photo, and music libraries. Later, the system will also help you record the voiceover, which you can record yourself or choose a ready-made voice to read.

Google Vids will be available in Workspace Labs in June this year.