Content Warning – a new Steam phenomenon

The cooperative horror game Lethal Company was an unexpected discovery on Steam last year. Now, another game with similar gameplay, Content Warning, is trying to repeat the success of Lethal Company.

Content Warning was released on Steam on April 1, 2024 and was available for free for the first 24 hours. After the game was installed by 6.2 million players and the Steam online reach reached an impressive 200 thousand, the developers set a very reasonable price tag of 187 UAH.

The task of a team of players in Content Warning, which is an exclusively cooperative game for 2-4 people, is to go down in a spaceship to the Old World, find something scary, film it with a game camera, and upload the video to SpöökTube. And, of course, to survive. The more scary things in the trailer, the more money. You can use the income from the videos to upgrade your equipment.

At one time, the record of Lethal Company on Steam was 240 thousand players, and now it is played by about 30 thousand people every day. This is a lot. Content Warning reached 204 thousand players on the second day after its release and entered the top 10 Steam games. It seems that after the huge success of these games, we are going to see a wave of cooperative indie horror games.