The cost of SSDs will grow by another 10-15% in the second quarter of 2024

Analysts at TrendForce are disappointed in their forecasts for the cost of SSDs. Despite a significant increase in SSD prices over the past six months, their cost will continue to rise. NAND chip manufacturers continue to seek a balance of supply and demand, limiting the production of chips of the corresponding type.

Although companies such as Kioxia and WDC significantly increased their production of flash chips in the first quarter of this year, other major players in this market are acting more cautiously, expecting additional price increases.

TrendForce predicts that the cost of NAND chips will increase by an average of 13-18% in the second quarter. This is expected to drive up the price of enterprise-class SSDs by 20-25%, while the price of consumer models will increase by 10-15%.


To demonstrate the recent changes in the cost of SSDs, we suggest taking a look at the dynamics of adjusting the cost of the popular Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB model in Ukraine. Most drives have the same trend – the cost of SSDs has increased significantly over the past six months, even taking into account changes in the exchange rate over this period.