Ukrainian game Trust No One, set in Kyiv, has been released on Steam

Triomatica Games, a Ukrainian studio, has released a new point-and-click game called Trust No One.

Players will have to get used to the role of a journalist trying to unravel the secrets of an artificial intelligence company. To do this, they will have to explore locations depicted from the streets of Kyiv. The developers promise a narrative that encourages thinking outside the box.

Triomatica Games is known for its previous game Boxville, which is heavily inspired by such classics as Machinarium. Boxville won the DevGamm award for Best Mobile Game of 2022 and the GDWC award for Best Mobile Game of 2023.

Trust No One is available only in English, but it had to be done so because of the game’s unique gameplay, according to the developer.

“Due to the use of unique game mechanics in the game, the presence of more than one language is technically impossible. That’s why the game was released in one language – English, but there is nothing so complicated that it is impossible to understand,” Pavlo Marianenko, game designer and Product Owner at Triomatica Games, told

The project is available on PC in Steam. And on mobile platforms in Apple AppStore and Google Play.