Ukrainian game Rise of Gun is now available on Steam

The Ukrainian game Rise of Gun by PimpGameStudio (it seems to be only one person) has left Steam’s Early Access.

Rise of Gun is a simulation of a gun shop owner in a small town during the zombie apocalypse. You have to collect weapon components, create new models from different parts, and sell them to the townspeople. Weapons are the backbone of the local economy. But this is a shop simulator, so the process of shooting zombies is not present here, it is somewhere behind the scenes.

Rise of Gun uses the Unreal Engine and low-poly models and looks good and stylish. The game has over 200 weapon components, and even incompatible parts can be combined. The game has Ukrainian localization.

Until April 1, 2024, Rise of Gun can be purchased with a 25% discount for only 183 UAH. Currently, the game has mostly positive reviews and a Steam rating of 79/100 (based on 93 reviews).

PimpGameStudio has two more projects in development. First-person horror Silent Harbor and third-person economic strategy (which turns out to be possible) Univers 11: Under the Sky.