Game publishers are concerned about the state of Xbox in Europe

Third-party game publishers are questioning the appropriateness of further support for Xbox consoles, Insider Gaming writes, citing the words of CEO Chris Dring.

During the GamesIndustry Microcast podcast Dring said that representatives of one very well-known company and another not so well-known one expressed their concern about the state of the console in Europe.

“The other thing I heard—I heard it from a very prominent company and one not so prominent—was Xbox’s performance in Europe is just flatlining. You can follow our monthly coverage in the games market and you can see that Xbox sales are falling, and it’s been falling all throughout last year and it’s falling even harder this year. The phrase one major company who released a big game last year said [was], ‘I don’t know why we bothered supporting it’,” Chris Dring said.

He also said that most publishers currently preparing versions of their games for Series X|S see the gaming market as PlayStation 5 and PC only, despite efforts to support Microsoft consoles.