Denuvo introduces TraceMark technology to help track game data leaks

Denuvo introduces a new watermarking technology that should help developers track data leaks.

The technology is called TraceMark for Gaming. The company describes it as a groundbreaking solution that uses the core technology of invisible watermarks trusted by Hollywood studios, sports leagues, and pay-TV operators.

“With the launch of TraceMark™ for Gaming, we are setting a new standard in anti-piracy for the gaming industry. This innovative solution not only marks a significant milestone for Irdeto but also represents a leap forward in protecting the creative and financial investments of game developers worldwide,” said Niels Haverkorn, senior vice president of new markets at Irdeto, Denuvo’s parent company.

The new technology is designed to be easy for developers to integrate into their workflow and add to games during the development process. The technology allows you to add both visible and invisible watermarks that will be unique for each copy.

The technology is aimed at tracking all users who access the game before its full release – internal testers, closed beta participants, journalists and reviewers, etc. The company hopes that the technology will prevent leaks of information or copies of the game, as they can be tracked.