NVIDIA faces a lawsuit over possible copyright infringement

NVIDIA is facing a lawsuit from three authors who accused the company of copyright infringement, reports Reuters.

The class action lawsuit was filed in the San Francisco Federal Court by Brian Keane, Abdi Nazemian, and Stuart O’Nan. They claim that NVIDIA used the copyrighted books to train its NeMo AI platform without permission.

The authors said that their works were part of a dataset of approximately 196,640 books that helped train NeMo to mimic normal written language. In October, the works were removed “due to a copyright infringement notice.”

According to the writers, the removal of the works shows that NVIDIA “recognized” that NeMo was trained on the database and thus violated their copyrights.

Now they are demanding unspecified damages. Among the works mentioned in the lawsuit: “Ghost Walk” by Brian Keane, “Like a Love Story” by Abdi Nazemian, and “Last Night at Lobster’s” by Stuart O’Nan.

Earlier, Microsoft and OpenAI faced a new lawsuit over copyright infringement while training a large GPT language model. The lawsuit was filed by writers and former journalists Nicholas Basbanes and Nicholas Gage. According to their claims, the companies illegally used their works to train AI.