Lenovo introduced the six-legged robot Daystar Bot GS

Lenovo has introduced a six-legged robot. It is called the Lenovo Daystar Bot GS and is positioned as a “robot with legs for inspection solutions.” TechRadar writes about the new product.

Photos and description of the design can be found on the website IF Design. It says that Daystar Bot GS is focused on trade, industry, and the public sector. Asia will be the main market for Lenovo when the robot is released later this year.

“The groundbreaking six-legged design guarantees unmatched stability and maneuverability that surpasses traditional robotic platforms, allowing it to traverse diverse terrains with ease,” the description says.

GS is able to work in unpredictable situations, providing comprehensive data collection anywhere and anytime. The company calls the robot a testament to innovation, efficiency and safety.

It is noteworthy that Lenovo’s robot resembles another development, the robotic dog “Spot” from Boston Dynamics.