AirPods Pro on iOS 18 may get a hearing aid mode

Apple may release an additional feature for AirPods Pro with iOS 18 that will add a hearing aid mode, writes 9to5Mac.

AirPods already have two features that help hearing-impaired users. The first, Live Listen, was introduced in 2018 and turns the iPhone into a directional microphone that transmits audio to the AirPods in real time.

The second feature, Conversation Boost, which was introduced in 2021 for AirPods Pro, amplifies the microphone recording in front of users to better hear the interlocutors.

Feedback from users and research shows that this functionality is already comparable in usefulness to special devices that cost much more.

The hearing aid mode, if executed well, could save users a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on special devices, but no details have been disclosed yet.