Electronic Arts CEO believes that AI can increase the company’s efficiency by 30%

At a press conference in San Francisco, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson suggested that artificial intelligence could positively influence 60% of game development processes, writes Insider Gaming.

According to him, tasks that would take 6 weeks to complete can be completed in 6 days with the help of AI.

“And I would tell you, part of that is how do we get our people to embrace it and for creators of games, this is incredibly exciting: the ability to get to the fun faster and get to market faster is the Holy Grail for them. And so, we see a real embrace happening inside of our company around these things that can help them get to greatness much more quickly,” Wilson says.

He noted that the use of artificial intelligence for the usual development processes will help the company to become 30% more efficient and bring games to the market faster.

Wilson also said that Electronic Arts’ network of 700 million players could increase to a billion with the help of AI. AI will also help to increase monetization and provide more personalized content.