CleanMyPhone: Ukrainian company launches AI app to clean iPhone and iPad galleries

The Ukrainian company MacPaw, which creates and distributes programs for macOS and iOS, has launched the CleanMyPhone application. It acts as a gallery cleaner for iPhone and iPad.

CleanMyPhone is a transformation of the Gemini Photos gallery cleaner that MacPaw launched in 2018. According to the company, the new app is designed not only to clean, but also to make it easier for iPhone and iPad users to organize files in the gallery and manage device storage.

“CleanMyPhone is developed based on our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, with the intention of becoming a universal tool for iOS and iPadOS care in the future,” said Rostyslav Bogdanov, CleanMyPhone product manager at MacPaw.

The application has three modules: Cleaning, Organization, and Network. According to the company, it allows users to quickly get rid of unnecessary images, sort photos and videos into thematic categories, and easily test the speed of their Internet connection.

The company explains that cleaning is one of the app’s functions. It scans the gallery for duplicates, blurry images, screen recordings, TikTok uploads, and other unnecessary files so that users can assess what takes up the most space and free up space. Scanning and deletion of files takes place only with the user’s consent and only on the device.

MacPaw explained that with the help of AI, CleanMyPhone also helps organize files into thematic folders – Travel, Pets, Food, Portraits, and Text.

The Ukrainian company noted that in addition to managing files in the gallery, CleanMyPhone offers to test the network speed. This can be done directly in the application.

CleanMyPhone is available in the App Store for $29.99/year in Ukraine, but the price may vary depending on the region. The app offers a free 3-day trial. CleanMyPhone is also available in Setapp. To use the app, you need an iPhone with iOS 16.0 or later, or an iPad with iPadOS 16.0 or later.

MacPaw is based in Kyiv and has a subsidiary office in Boston. The company develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. It has more than 30 million users worldwide.