Ukrainian visual novel Hazy Mind is out on Steam

The visual novel Hazy Mind, developed by Kharkiv-based artist betetiro, has been released on Steam.

“You wake up in your room, feeling disoriented, with no recollection of anything. In the midst of your confusion, you come across a person you don’t recognize. Who is she, and why is she in your home?
But the central question lingers: why can’t you remember anything?” the game’s description says.

The author promises players an exciting and intriguing story with several endings. It’s nice that Hazy Mind has both English and Ukrainian voice acting, which is actually rare for indie projects. But this is a good recent trend. In addition, the game also has Japanese and Turkish text localizations.

On the occasion of the release, Hazy Mind is being offered with a 12% discount for 167 UAH until March 11, 2024. At the moment, the game has received extremely positive reviews, with a Steam rating of 96/100 based on 30 reviews.